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Japanese media: Chinese in the East China Sea and built a drilling platform has increased to 17 – Sohu Military Channel text with map: Chinese has never recognized the legitimacy of the middle line ". Global network reported: according to Japanese media reports, the Japanese government officially confirmed on the 31 day, the Chinese government in the East China Sea, Japan and the middle line (China has never admitted) near the oil and gas field a new drilling platform. So far China’s drilling platform in the sea to 17. Reported that the Japanese coast guard in October 28th issued navigational warnings in the East China Sea, north latitude 29 degrees 45.4 minutes east longitude 125 degrees 45.3 minutes near the "mining device" on the grounds that the ships are reminded that, but did not disclose the details of all facilities and issued a warning. In July 2015, the Japanese government announced the construction of a total of 16 drilling platforms on the side of the so-called Sino Japanese middle line. Although the Japanese side has repeatedly protested to the Chinese government, the Japanese government in October 12th announced that it has confirmed that the 16 oil and gas fields in the mining facilities and there are 2 fire, probably a total of more than 12 production began. According to Japan’s Kyodo News reported on November 1st, the Japanese Foreign Minister Kishida Fumio held a press conference on the 1 day, Chinese mobile mining ship in the vicinity of East China Sea oil and gas exploration facilities and operations, has protested to china. For the Japanese government had China protest in the East China Sea oil and gas field development issue, foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said, the relevant Chinese oil and gas activities are in the sea areas under the jurisdiction of Chinese no dispute, completely is China’s sovereign rights and jurisdiction within the scope of things.相关的主题文章: