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Japanese media: Chinese aircraft near Okinawa SDF aircraft scrambled (2) – Sohu military channel page second: Japanese SDF aircraft scrambled China air force spokesman Colonel Shen Jinke announced in September 25th in East China Airport: Air Force dispatched more than and 40 aircraft of various types of aircraft on the same day, before the Western Pacific sea training, more fighters flew into the system the Miyako Island Strait, sea combat capability test. At the same time, fighter bombers dispatched in the East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone routine police patrol. Figure 25 for the air force dispatched more than and 40 aircraft of various types of aircraft, from the Western Pacific sea training. According to the Japanese Ministry of Defense Integration staff supervision department in September 25th announcement shows that day, 25 day a total of 8 military aircraft in the East China Sea airspace Chinese. 8 military aircraft were 4 aircraft H-6 strategic bombers, 1 aircraft TU-154 electronic reconnaissance aircraft, 1 Y-8 reconnaissance aircraft. In addition to 2 military aircraft may be inferred China air force fighter. According to the announcement of the flight line diagram shows, 8 Chinese military aircraft flying to the southeast in the East China Sea airspace, followed by the original route, the multiple trips in the Miyako Island Strait high seas waterway airspace. In order to prevent the Chinese aircraft into the Japanese airspace, the Japanese Air Self Defense Force fighter jets scrambled to respond, and the Chinese aircraft were shot. In May 21, 2015, Chinese air force for the first time across the Miyako Island Strait to the Western Pacific sea to carry out training, enhance the air force aviation offshore mobile combat capability. China air force spokesman Shen said that the organization training aviation is a common practice in the sea, the sea countries air force, is normal to China defense and army building. In accordance with relevant international law and practice, to carry out a Chinese Air Force conducted training will according to the first island chain. Miyako Island is located in the Miyako Island strait strait between Okinawa island and the island of Miyako Island, the north margin of Okinawa Naha 300 kilometers south from Taiwan island is only 330 kilometers west recently, only more than and 100 km away from the Diaoyu islands. The Strait of Miyako Island belongs to the high seas, and ships of any country enjoy the right of innocent passage.相关的主题文章: