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JJ Lin is really rich, buy a super sports car, Jackson clothing million – Sohu car was born in Singapore, long life in Taipei Golden King JJ Lin is often seen driving a Ferrari car trip, in addition to JJ Lin love collection of shoes and dolls, like the car is out of the name, also custom Ferrari coupe in Taiwan and Jimmy Lin often drive out exchange car experience, JJ Lin Ferrari or guest, often see the figure of JJ Lin in the race. In JJ Lin’s hobby, buy shoes to buy Dolls are not a big spending, 2006 to 2012 bought 100 dolls and 200 pairs of shoes, about 640 thousand yuan. In 2011 to spend 3 million 420 thousand to buy Ferrari, 2012 also spent $180 thousand to take a piece of Mike Jackson wore black leather. JJ Lin in Taipei worth about 30000000 yuan of real estate, the car is only part of his hobby, this is the NISSAN GTR sports car. 2011 spent 3 million 420 thousand yuan to buy their own birthday gift – Ferrari F430. JJ Lin’s speech a lot of remuneration, in accordance with the 300 in case of compensation estimates, the price of about 200 thousand per minute, buy a Ferrari is not difficult. If you think he’s just an artist, JJ Lin is a rich two generation. JJ Lin’s father is the largest shareholder of Singapore’s telecommunications company, the mother is the head of the Asia Pacific region of American Oil Co, can be described as a typical wealthy son. Many luxury cars parked in the garage, from Ferrari to Audi, Porsche, Land Rover, JJ Lin and Jimmy Lin are the same as Ferrari’s star owners, some activities often participate in Ferrari or appear in the racing game. He said: "the car is a man of achievement and taste, choose the super sports car is to reward yourself." Benz SLR, a station on the road racing, on the rim has a respected position, overseas price of 375 thousand euros, Taiwan Jay Chou seems only to have this car. This is also the flagship Mercedes coupe — about 3000000 SLS AMG, JJ Lin brought him the car illegally parked on the roadside to eat the Hot pot Hot pot shop. In 2010 to spend NT $7 million to buy Audi SUV, this car has been open to the Ferrari 4S shop, he was a frequent visitor to the Ferrari store, sometimes to the sales staff will not entertain him. The family had a car, BMW I3, JJ Lin is said to be driving more quickly on the road during rush hour driving a BMW I3 switch lanes, Lane switch does not hit the steering lamp, no sense for violations and penalties, safety worrying. The last time this year to buy a car is Ferrari he delivered a Speciale A models, special color body is named "Bianco JJ", open the car in Taipei will attract more people’s attention, outside the car he also love a collection of watches, a collection of 10 watches.相关的主题文章: