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Julian Cheung Anita Yuen before the second show loving offbeat mutual black second confession – Sohu Julian Cheung entertainment back in the first grade "Sohu" entertainment news from acquaintance to love, has gone through 24 years of Julian Cheung Anita Yuen, the embodiment of the "class couples" in so many users do not have to. But Julian Cheung is because of schedule reasons, two programs are not seen before the broadcast. This week, the old man is not God, Julian Cheung finally got a surprise return, "Xian Liang couple" officially staged a variety of patterns fit, show loving Dafa, the students have said Cobain two teachers "to be brutal and inhuman" behavior protested: "for two seconds don’t abuse the teacher!" Tucao + broke teach students "Raiders" wife even though Julian Cheung missed two weeks, "Xian Liang couples" also from time to time in the air show septum love, husband Julian Cheung regression, netizens have begun to make up the brain of two people daily stay together morning and night: "the dog abuse program hasn’t broadcast, I have hurt!" This week’s theme of "star imitation debate", Julian Cheung in front of the students imitate "love package into the magic of Anita Yuen, made by Belle and Anita Yuen broke Julian Cheung laughing; embarrassment, also let Julian Cheung had to smile of embarrassment. "White sugar" commented: "this new dog broke Tucao + black cross, we do not eat!" Next, let netizens shouted "the city will play" is Julian Cheung in the classroom to teach students how to "guide", his wife Anita Yuen. It is reported that in two Jiwei Cheng Yi and launched an imitation of Julian Cheung Anita Yuen’s heart "male battle". In order to make the model more good two imitators ourselves, "old driver" Julian Cheung not only took them to their favorite car, but also generous answer about his "ten torture", broke the news site, full of surprise. Send flowers love eternal incarnation of confession spree against each other in addition to the high Jiexiu loving means, welfare party sent CP Julian Cheung and Anita Yuen also opened the regular pattern to show affection not afraid of abuse. Another second when students learn to face Anita Yuen Tucao "just students ignore him, after a second incarnation of Julian Cheung confession kuangmo, various words heard everyone blush, it is claimed two people spend cheats fresh for 20 years:" the most romantic thing is a long-term commitment to life accompany." Julian Cheung has such a high degree of value and emotional intelligence of her husband, Anita Yuen properly, the wife of the winner". Not only that, thank you for Julian Cheung Anita Yuen since the two affectionate hug to fight a lone battle, his wife kiss: "wife hard, also secret love for his wife a surprise, is said to be" the eternal flowers will never fade". "The two love for so many years, still sweet like love", "entertainment model couple" will lead the students to attend the next confrontation, menacing Cobain, how are they going to show affection and breakout in the show IQ? Anita Yuen said: "there’s Julian Cheung, I’m confident!" The strongest couple in history, the teacher came, what are you waiting for?相关的主题文章: