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Just sing not forget the early heart happy girl ushered in the "five years agreement" Liu Xin "the moment" the official version of the Tencent entertainment news recently, "happy girl" duanlinxi Hong Chen Liu Xin Su Miaoling Yang Yang Wang Yijie Fu Mengni Yu Jiali Lu Yi Li Si Danielle DL combination of gold and silver Ling together voice, will fulfill the promise in the summer of 2011 "five years agreement" commitment, in Beijing will be a common interpretation of music sharing will win. This "agreement" five years of activities, the 2011 session of the happy girl will attend, although everyone has a different development plan and route, but everyone at the same time to complete their work together to share the experience of the past five years. As the design posters, everyone in their own interpretation of the road has a thick and heavy in colours like those gorgeous costumes, painted on the body, but everyone’s heart still retains the true self; and the final version together with all posters, completely restored to clean you color, just like back to the original place, work together to complete a dream. After five years of precipitation, some people may have been out of our sight, some people may have a better development in some areas, but everyone can go together, work together to complete a "five year agreement"; this is not only for fans of the agreement, it is a time of memories.相关的主题文章: