Kabul University of the United States caused 16 deaths and 53 injuries on two foreign teacher pork face

Kabul University of the United States caused 16 deaths and 53 injuries on   two foreign teachers kidnapped – International – people.com.cn people.com.cn news August 26th Agence France-Presse reported in Kabul, Afghanistan America University and met several armed men attacked on the evening of 24, after more than 10 hours after the end of the end, at least 16 people were killed and 53 injured. Sources from the interior ministry and the Ministry of Health said the dead included 8 students, a police officer, a security guard at the University of and a nearby school for the blind, including 1 police officers. Some of the injured were seriously injured. The number of attackers is still unclear. Police said they killed 2 attackers. No organization has claimed responsibility for the attack. 24, the evening of the attack began at 18:30 local time, the Afghan security forces in the international coalition with the Allied forces quickly surrounded the campus. Hundreds of trapped students were rescued in the evening. This is the first time an Afghan university has suffered an armed attack on such a scale. The university is located in downtown Kabul a total of 1700 people earlier this month, the school has two foreign teachers, an American teacher and an Australian teacher armed kidnapping in the vicinity of the campus is still missing. The attack was also carried out by a new wave of attacks on the Western backed Afghan government in Taliban, afghanistan. With the help of the United States, the Afghan government is trying to repel the gathered to the capital of Helmand, Lashkar Gah (Lashkar Ga) of the Taliban armed forces. At the same time, Taliban is also trying to attack in northern Afghanistan another strategic hub Kundu? (Kunduz), a year ago, the city was occupied by Taliban. (old) (Gao Tian Tian (Intern), commissioning editor: Chang Hong)相关的主题文章: