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Kennedy was the 50 anniversary of the ten anniversary of the autumn special decryption debut Kuang Kuang shoot Autumn Auction jewelry and antique western special, a group from the United States special 50 anniversary of Kennedy’s assassination decryption of the old material, including bookends, pen, plates, lighters, neckties, golf and so on, all the auction collateral source Certificate – reliable source. A ranking of President Gallup poll conducted in 1975 (Galluppol), 52% of the respondents will Kennedy in the first row. Kennedy ranked third in the "Twentieth Century’s most admired figure" in the list of "the most admired people in the world" in the year of. In 1982, 2000 scholars were invited to the president of the United States, respectively, in accordance with the very great, great, excellent, general, poor and failure criteria for scoring, Kennedy ranked No. thirteenth. President Kennedy is undoubtedly the most popular president of the American people love, and in the election when he and his wife Jacqueline were relatively young, their social impact is comparable to the Hollywood stars, photos often appear on the cover of fashion magazines, Kennedy or Time in 1961 years of influential man. But a scandal in the memories of his presidency with the famous movie star Monroe for his political career took a legend. Kennedy Kennedy used the old American Eagle type Bookends high: 21cm width: 14.5cm this auction for American Eagle type used in the office of Senator Kennedy Bookends and the white house. Kennedy porcelain plate plate diameter: 15.2cm Kennedy privately owned and porcelain lunch tray during the tenure of 1953-1960 used by the senate. The edge of the plate is 22K gold. Prepared by his secretary Evelyn (Evelyn Lincoln) for lunch. A box of golf box size by President Kennedy: 19.5x13x6.5cm five and two golf balls placed in the cortex of book gilded foot box. The box lined with soft suede pad. One of them printed "U. S. Royal 2 Special "and" Mr. President golf is used by President Kennedy. The size of Zippo lighter Kennedy trip to Europe in 1963: 5.7x3x1cm the summer of 1963, President Kennedy’s trip to Europe, the only carry lighters donated to the accompanying an air force one crew. One side of chrome plated lighter engraved with the Blue American eagle logo, the other side engraved with "European Trip President Kennedy June, 1963" (President Kennedy’s trip to Europe, June 1963). President Kennedy had to wear a black tie in 1963 President Kennedy signed the bill when using pen and scene photo size: 16.5x23cm size: 15.5cm pen President Kennedy signed in October 24, 1963, pregnant women, children and mental retardation (the Maternal and) Planning Act相关的主题文章: