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Womens-Issues Many people now suffer from stomach and intestinal yeast infections. To kill the yeast in your stomach needs a strict anti Candida protocol so you don’t do anything that will make your stomach fungal infection worse. Starving the Candida yeast Starving the yeast in your stomach and intestines is your first priority. An anti Candida diet is a must if you want to rid this destructive organism from your body. If you continue to feed it in any way you will not be able to kill it, and it will continue to infect you. No yeast infection treatment or program will work if the Candida is being fed by the foods you consume. There are many foods that the yeast in your staomach and intestines, and the first ones you need to remove from yoru diet are sugar and refined carbohydrates. These are the yeast’s favorite foods, and our modern diets are high in these foods, and that is one of the reasons that intestinal Candida overgrowth is getting more widespread. Killing the yeast in your stomach and intestines Once you’re weakening the Candida yeast with your new diet you can kill the fungus a lot easier. You need to kill the fungus with natural anti fungals as just starving the fungus will mean you’ll be trying to rid your body of the yeast for about 2 years, and that’s with a very strict diet. Even if you don’t feed the yeast with your diet it will feed on the cells of your digestive tract until you decide to kill it. If you try to kill the yeast without the correct diet then you won’t be successful as feeding the yeast will just make it continually spread. It will spread faster than you can kill it because fungi multiply very quickly in the right conditions. A warm moist place like your intestines, and a continual diet of their favorite foods will be a perfect environment for them. Getting expert help Getting expert help to rid yoru body of the Candida yeast will speed up yoru recovery, and get your good health back as soon as possible. Expert hep will prevent you from making any mistakes that you could be making with your diet, or any medication you might be taking. These mistakes can put your progress back days, weeks or in severe cases of intestinal yeast, it could be months. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: