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Reference-and-Education There are many strategies available to organizations that help them establish a .petitive advantage. Differentiation (from .petitors) is a key .ponent in succeeding and gaining that advantage. A strong leadership team is a key asset for any .pany that is looking to grow. As a .pany does begin to expand, leadership development training can be a very advantageous program to invest in. Leadership development training can ensure that a .panys leaders have the experience and knowledge necessary to excel. We can break down establishing a .panys superiority into four main parts: 1) A superior product, 2) More working capital, 3) State of the art facilities, hardware, or equipment, and 4) Their employees, and the culture of the workplace in which they work (this includes having great leaders). Out of these, one might ask the question: which of these factors has the greatest potential to create and sustain this .petitive advantage, and why? Products can be copied. Money can be borrowed. Facilities and technology age rapidly and can be.e obsolete overnight. Therefore, the people who populate an organization are the most important factor in creating and sustaining a .petitive advantage. The unique culture of an organization and its ability to attract, motivate, and retain top performers contributes powerfully to success. The leaders of a .pany are so important to a .panys success. Picking the right employees and the right leaders is critical when a .pany reaches this point, it is essential to have human resources supporting employee selection. Often an HR professional with a human resources certificate is a valuable and important part of a .panys success. Once a .pany has hired the best, there are several ways that an organization can best realize the potential value of its employees in cultivating its .petitive advantage. An organization establishes a powerful means of ensuring its own success through a well-implemented and consistently applied performance management system. When employees are motivated to perform up to and beyond expected standards, they will contribute to shaping a performance culture that can have a far greaterand longer-lastingimpact than that which is possible through the individual achievements of any one employee. This is another aspect of business where a human resources certification can be applicable performance management systems are often covered in a human resources certificate program. An organization’s performance management system can actually have a positive influence on the individual behavior of its employees. They are encouraged to perform beyond expectations, and often the employees will really shine when they are given incentives. Employees need to know what is expected of them and where they stand. An effective performance management system provides a structure within which this knowledge is .municated and this understanding is fostered. A careful assessment of performance management systems is crucial and those capable of creating a good system often gain this knowledge through a human resources certificate program or leadership development training. Leaders and HR professionals must have this expertise to ensure a .panys success. Once a performance management system has been implemented, each employee can then focus his or her efforts on those behaviors that have been identified as most important through the establishment of goals and the identification of relevant .petencies. Furthermore, a performance management system supports the overall attainment of organizational objectives. A sound and effective performance management system ensures that everyone’s efforts contribute meaningfully to the organization’s success. Goal setting, feedback, documentation, and the other steps in the performance management process constitute interdependent elements of an integrated system thatas a wholesupports and reinforces the overall objectives of the organization. When trying to establish a .panys superiority, it is clear that the most valuable asset a .pany can invest in is its people. The other aspects of success (a superior product, capital, great facilities) are important but not as important as a team of effective workers. Everyone in a .pany can make a difference, and everyone is important. Having the right hiring team (the HR resources) as well as the right leaders is key to being successful. Once a .pany has the right people, it can build on those assets and advance. Copyright (c) 2010 eCornell About the Author: 相关的主题文章: