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Lenovo axe Motorola: global mobile phone business shrinking under the self? According to statistics introduction Lenovo semiconductor market research firm IC Insights, in the first quarter of 2016, HUAWEI with 28 million 900 thousand mobile phone shipments ranked third in the world, followed by OPPO, a total of 16 million 100 thousand units, millet mobile phone shipments to 14 million 800 thousand won fifth. Lenovo only ninth of global shipments. Newspaper reporter Yang Qingqing Beijing reported veterans never die, will gradually fade." Use this sentence to describe Motorola mobile, the most suitable. The former king was the top of the top mobile phone, by 2011 2014, Google sold master Lenovo, is now being gradually emptied. Recently, Lenovo Group announced that it would lay off nearly a thousand people in the world. Although the proportion of layoffs less than 2% of global employees, but most of them from the Motorola sector, involving about the number of employees of about 700 people, accounting for nearly 60% of the proportion of Motorola mobile business employees. Lenovo said the layoffs does not involve domestic layoffs as part of a strategic combination of Motorola mobile phone business intelligence and Lenovo Group, Lenovo now is to adjust the organizational structure, optimize the product line, in order to better participate in the global intelligent mobile phone market competition. In fact, this is not the first time Motorola mobile business layoffs, Lenovo has announced last year, the global layoffs of 3200 people, of which the number of layoffs from its Motorola mobile is 500. The Motorola mobile staff repeatedly contracted behind, reflecting the plight of Lenovo mobile. According to the first quarter of Lenovo Group reported a 2016 fiscal year, Lenovo Mobile business revenue of $1 billion 706 million, excluding exchange rate factors fell 1%; when a quarter of the global smart lenovo mobile phone shipments of 11 million 200 thousand, down 31%. "Lenovo is frequently on Motorola ‘cut’, the key reason is that Motorola did not create the ideal value. In the case of Lenovo Group’s current business line is in the fall, for corporate earnings, the contraction is not ideal business, cut out unnecessary personnel will be positive." Analysys analyst Zhu Dalin told the entrance twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter, "whether in the world or China range, Lenovo smartphone shipments in recent years showed a downward trend, more cuts is to protect themselves." No glory time back to October 2014, when Lenovo Group to spend $2 billion 900 million from the hands of Google disk after Motorola, Lenovo Group CEO Yang Yuanqing lenovo mobile business to show sufficient confidence. Yang Yuanqing said, Lenovo smart mobile phone and tablet computer and other mobile devices that year sales target of 100 million, "we are confident the construction of lenovo mobile phone the size of the global market, and help Motorola mobile profitability in the 4 to 6 quarters." Yang Yuanqing’s confidence is not Weakness lends wings to rumours. According to IDC data, Lenovo’s accession to the mobile business after Motorola, in the fourth quarter of 2014 jumped more than millet, to the shipments of the world’s top third mobile phone manufacturers in the 24 million 700 thousand. The acquisition also retains the Motorola R & D team, and in one fell swoop so that Lenovo harvest Motorola thousands of technology"相关的主题文章: