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Let the child self-confidence from the 28 methods, super useful! Sohu – maternal public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) free resources | manual education

parent-child picture book tasting family confidence is very important for the future of the children. The following 28 ways to build self-confidence baby, very effective, you may wish to try. 1 seriously treat the child’s request when the child stood in the living room full of expectations: "Mom, I want to drink milk." You can not meet him in the kitchen for a while, tell him the specific time: "mother steamed rice, go to get you, okay?" Often ignore the needs of the baby, so that he will not be taken seriously and lose confidence. 2 for their children to make their own choice on the weekend to travel with children, to seek his advice, but don’t ask "where do you want to go, but ask" do you want to go to the zoo or museum ", give him the choice and make his own choice, will add to your confidence. 3 don’t laugh at the children just learning to speak, he "watermelon" you teach, "he said. Catch". Don’t laugh at him. Don’t try to teach him. In child language learning period, you laugh would make him lose confidence and interest in learning the language. 4 seriously treat the child’s questions raised by the child, you have to listen patiently, if you can not answer, tell him honestly, do not pretend to know. Let him know that no one can do, to dispel his fear of others, thereby increasing self-confidence. 5 let the children feel that they need to talk with the tone of the child to do whatever it takes, such as "take the newspaper to the mother, okay?" The best way to improve his confidence is to let him know that he is needed. 6 at home to display the work of the child to the child in the home of the most eye-catching wall of his graffiti on the screen for the children to do a display rack, display his small production. A sense of honor can inspire children’s self-confidence. 7 give the child a belong to their own territory to the child a room, no conditions, you can give him a part of the room, let him have a free play, not bound by the small world. Because they have their own "territory" of his heart full of pride, it will let him add confidence. 8 the mother’s tolerance is to cultivate children’s self-confidence of the soil is not always because the children in the room or on the desktop is very messy and blame the child, but to teach him to clean up the scattered toys, and do with him. Mother’s tolerance is to cultivate children’s self-confidence of the soil. The child does not say than 9 do not take children and other children: "sister already will count, you do not, you stupid!" Even if he is really worse than other children. It is always better to compare his child with him, and he will be able to beat the child’s confidence. 10 let the child occasionally take the children to the supermarket, to be paid to his hand, let him to the cashier. He also not afterwards, but at least let him know what money can buy. Gradually let the children master their own pocket money, let him take charge, will increase the confidence of his life painting相关的主题文章: