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Let the player unexpected! Inventory of ten models of offbeat classic game sequel game player always seems to be unable to meet a group of user groups, especially for some after years of development of the classic series, game player seems to be more picky. Every time the developers launched a series of new works, if compared with as little change, will you not spray game player, but the change is too large, will you go jet game player is too large to pull eggs. So developers that in a series based on another way, not only can earn a money, but also meet the special taste of game player needs, but also will not be bound by the game player and producer can play a powerful and unconstrained style created in this type of work. Let us look at the ten paragraph of the original works of different "offbeat" classic game sequel! 1. Wizard: Kuhnt card Wizard: "what is the licensing Wizard: Kuhnt Kuhnt card"? On the surface, this is a "wizard from the 3: the wild hunt" independently derived from the game, but in fact, "the sorcerer: card" to remove the quinter game itself useless plot, battle, equipment, scenery, retaining only the "core elements" Quint brand version of conscience! Another game is CG and video game for publicity, but this group from Poland "donkey" is made of a 3A grade RPG to carry out publicity for their card game, the most terrible thing is that to promote the game also won the prize to get soft, it had to let those peers shame, but also achievements in the history of the largest "" the largest investment promotion costs "of the game sequel! 2. Dead or alive, dead or alive: beach volleyball beach volleyball in the early generation Xbox, Microsoft of Japan has the longest history of the world’s second largest gaming market had a strong interest in Bill, · Gates at set aside billions of dollars in budget to pave the way for the Japanese version of the Xbox, and Bill · Gates even personally came to Japan inspect and frequent contact with local well-known game developers and game developers, which has a "Ninja father" reputation in the industry, has always been to the famous Itagaki letter with personal independence of conduct impressed by Microsoft’s sincerity, Xbox to strive for "life or death" and "Ninja Gaiden 3". At the same time, the board of the wall with a letter to the Xbox to see the powerful function of the host, decided to build a body to death or life in the game as the protagonist of the beautiful sister beach volleyball game. So this offbeat sequel will be launched by in the industry caused numerous attention was born, this is the "dead or alive: Beach Volleyball", a complete engine technology used in crooked ways and other aspects of the game works, but also the edge ball hit acme, offbeat sequel gentlemen with infinite order and expectation. This navigation Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description. 3. Mario Mario racing racing as the most popular vocabulary, "IP" as early as more than and 20 years ago, Nintendo has long been playing a. Under the leadership of genius game producer Miyamoto Shige, has become the planet’s most.相关的主题文章: