Li Denghui accused Cai Yingwen of not decisive Li Cai contradiction completely unmasked – Sohu

Li Denghui accused Cai Yingwen of not decisive Li Cai contradiction completely unmasked – Sohu Military Channel Global Times reported: the former leader of Taiwan area has been more than and 90 year old Li Denghui although already retired, but has been reluctant to stay away from politics, and recently on hand picked up Cai Yingwen throws heavy words. 17 Japanese media published an interview with Li Denghui. Li Denghui said he has had high expectations for Cai Yingwen came to power after the performance, but from the recent situation, and obviously expect gap; Cai Yingwen support from the original half fell to only 35%, "probably will continue to fall down". In the internal reform, Li Denghui criticized Cai Yingwen for a push too many things, leading to the judicial reform is not complete, the pension system reform is very complex, still can not see the specific content, even have no way to leave the labour problem and make a decision, no wonder people are not convinced, "have no what determination and courage". As for the "New South" policy, "she don’t know exactly what to do? What can Taiwan do to Southeast Asian countries? What if you are unable to say much to each other, then it is difficult to have results". "United Evening News" said that Li Denghui seemed to forget he is a founder of "Southward Policy", the introduction of the policy, but also the negative feedback is greater than the positive rating. In the interview, Li Denghui also questioned the status quo of Cai Yingwen’s policy, saying, what is the meaning of the DPP and the Communist Party to maintain the status quo?" Criticism is a product of "fear in the middle.". The reporter asked Lee what he said, "the voice, let the Kuomintang collapse!" Li Denghui also criticized Cai Yingwen’s biggest shortcoming is people, not willing to stuff Cai Yingwen’s men, "the DPP (faction) is very complicated, the command of Cai Yingwen will take a walk?" In addition, Li Denghui also talked about the Diaoyu Islands issue, said Cai Yingwen had argued that the "Diaoyutai (namely Diaoyu Islands) is Taiwan", but it is part of Yilan county "illogical argument". He suggested that Cai Yingwen had to pay more attention to the relationship between Japan and Japan after the entry into force, the problem of the lifting of the ban on imports of agricultural products in Japan must be resolved, but must be met with Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo ". Japanese media said, the Li Denghui administration, in order to join the World Trade Organization (WTO) negotiations, hired Cai Yingwen as the "National Security Council Advisory Committee, Taiwan is generally believed that the close relationship between the two. 2012 election, Li Denghui had her platform; but in the election in 2016, Cai Yingwen to fight for the middle vote, and keep the distance from the Li Denghui. For Li Denghui’s criticism, Taiwan’s presidential palace, 17, said the response, thank you, the government will make every effort to promote the reform, in response to the expectations of the people of taiwan. The DPP said that the current political environment is different from the authoritarian transition period, many major policies are not a sound, a party can say. KMT vice chairman Li Mingxian mocking said, Cai Yingwen, said she was very sad, because the original is "now The case is entirely cleared., independence total helmsman jumped out to criticize her, but Cai Yingwen is too young, Li Denghui fell out of the past also too few examples? Before the election, hand in hand, the more wretched after the election". Interfax vice chairman Hu Wenqi also criticized Li Denghui once again betrayed the people of Taiwan, declared that "fishing.相关的主题文章: