Li Yifeng was born of adversity but positive energy male god

Li Yifeng was born of adversity but positive energy male god fan Sina entertainment news by Li Yifeng [micro-blog] starring costume drama being hit Xian xia. Zhang Xiaofan childhood nightmare recur, abuse of the body child heart story the audience shouted distressed. Fortunately, Zhang Xiaofan optimistic nature makes him through the difficulties, change danger into safety. And the same positive energy full of male god Li Yifeng, serious work life, the image of the health of a large number of fans attracted to the image. Zhang Xiaofan optimistic for love to let go Zhang Xiaofan usually bring a romance to a happy ending kind-hearted, broad-minded toward others, more important is whether what he suffered setbacks can perk up, and keep a light heart, called the most positive TV actor. Seven pulse will start when Zhang Xiaofan moved by sight fall into demons, but because of his pure mind, still retains the world in the heart of the beautiful yearning and longing, strong heart angrily pain, to defeat the demons, let the audience feel the tremendous energy hidden in his heart. Zhang Xiaofan had a crush on you for many years, when he saw the students to find their own happiness, although the lost heart sad, but still magnanimous calmly for love to let go, let the audience see him mature atmosphere of love. So, Zhang Xiaofan’s heart is actually very strong, in the face of adversity can always be positive thinking, in the vagaries of the fate of the sun can always be positive attitude to face the unknown problems. Full of positive energy, even netizens have said, "see that no matter what difficulties can Xiaofan, insist on down!" "Every day, see Xiao optimistic appearance, his mood has become super good!". Li Yifeng is the new model of infinite energy to establish God in the play, Zhang Xiaofan optimistic about the mentality of the sun around infected people, but Li Yifeng is God’s image energy. He to work hard, in the movie endure physical discomfort, insist on himself hanging wire; variety show, in order to show the effect is hard, wet shot, live show cooking everything, work hard to show the best results. But in life, he has no idol burden, very understanding of the mood around the people. At the end of the event, many fans Caution! Remind himself home, did not forget to thank the fans for his support and support has been. As a very influential idol, Li Yifeng is also very concerned about the impact of their actions to fans. On the occasion of the opening of the school, he encouraged the fans, said: "the new semester weather" in the hope that the "bees" and other students can have the same change and not before, and I am also in this effort. Come on everybody!". Continue to improve their own breakthroughs, Li Yifeng bee set up a model for the future. Friends shouted: "this is the right way to open the male god." "There are a lot of men of God, but also three straight so no idol burden idol only a peak". (commissioning editor: cloud will)相关的主题文章: