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Liaoning couple was 5 South Hubei police men hostage rescue – excuse check speeding Beijing newspaper news (reporter Wei Na correspondent Xu Chuying Kuai Guohui) "police comrades, my classmate and her boyfriend was kidnapped, please help them." At 16:21 on October 31st, the provincial traffic police corps with the county brigade duty room received Hu alarm call from Liaoning. 31 days 16 when Mr. Hu suddenly received short messages sent to university students, the message said: "my boyfriend and I was kidnapped, in a grade of black A535TA car, we just passed Suiyue speed new bay bridge, South Road, may go to Guangzhou, please help me alarm." After receiving this message, Hu immediately find the Internet along with the high speed of the new bay bridge, the location, to find the police in Hubei province with a large group of police called the police. With the county road patrol police brigade command room notice to intercept New House Bay Bridge Road, but the new house is located in the southern tip of the area with the bay bridge from the Jingshan County brigade, brigade area is very close to worry about the police in the police on the way, the car has entered the Jingshan brigade area, immediately to the Jingshan brigade briefing, requesting an investigation. With the county brigade and the Jingshan brigade in the suspect vehicles must pass through the Jingshan section of the road and Wu Jing exchange, set up two intercept points. 16:58, just 37 minutes after receiving the alarm, a dark blue Buick business car to the mountain section of the intercept point oncoming, just black A535TA. After the vehicle was stopped, the police found a total of six men and a woman, a large number of vehicles. "Your car speeding on the road, but also change lanes, please show your driver’s license, driver’s license." In order to delay the time, waiting for the arrival of reinforcements, the disposal of the police to investigate traffic violations on the grounds that the person on the car with the inspection. On the surface, the car six men, no one was forced to sign the police identity check personnel inside the car on the grounds, require everyone on board to the side of the road for inspection, and will be brought to the front of the police asked separately. A few minutes later, with the county brigade police intercepted from the Wu Jing point reinforcements, 6 men were taken to the local police station isolation review. Little told the police that she and her boyfriend were ready to go to Guizhou to find a job, starting from Harbin, via Shenyang interchange, the five men met in the train station, they will be forced to pull the car, and the rope boyfriend’s neck, forcibly took her mobile phone. Fortunately, her cell phone is still on the body, while the five men do not pay attention, secretly sent a distress message with a cell phone. My boyfriend admitted that because of his borrowed money also on time, creditors will find people forcibly dragged him on the train. He told each other, to Guangzhou to have the money, so he held them down a pedestrian creditors. At present, the case is still under investigation.相关的主题文章: