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Liu Xiang is not a simple relationship between men and women? The insider behind GeTian GeTian (map) entertainment news recently, Liu Xiang and Wu’s ex-wife GeTian online propaganda, the smell of gunpowder, the relationship between three people and was blown out of the water, again. In micro-blog, there are friends with innuendo speech Wu Sha said: "lost to the bus, the bus is normal, love, and you are not a road, leaving a clean!" The Ge days but make an accident to agree with the views of the user’s reply: it seems to be insider!" Subsequently, Wu Sha also made a strong comeback in micro-blog said: "again and again three innuendo boring! I’m here today to say! I did the whole volume, Wu Sha not smoked fat, not being nurturing, no man, no, not deliberately plan Pianhun, trying to get money, even if the day I unhappy marriage, nor to my ex husband said "you told me to remarry me double back to you this shit."! Above all, I will not do in the past, the future will not, who do who understand." In November 1st, micro-blog vice president of Mu rock certification issued on the Internet behind a friend Ge day, he said with the Ge days 18 year old acquaintance is fully aware of the people, the rich family, my family gave her Princess like material security. For cosmetic surgery, said the day of the day, said the baby is indeed a lot of fat baby fat, looks basically like that. For GE day marriage, friends say you can say it again, "the evaluation of" ha ha "brother" (about Liu Xiang) the relationship between men and women, is to let users guess not simple. Mu rock screenshot micro-blog users of this comment can be described as Rainbow Night. Some netizens support Mu rock, he was behind a friend in the whirlpool of public opinion praise, netizens also questioned GeTian, "he, she will fire?" "Not GeTian scold others who have plastic surgery?" Original: micro-blog Mu rock seldom care about entertainment gossip, but today I want to say a few words for GE day: I am a freshman Ge Tianzhong play to know her, ask her to see Meng Jinghui "rhinoceros in love", after asked how she felt, she said very seriously: I found myself foundation lines so far back. The school to take practice! I was surprised, this attitude quite we Tsinghua girls character! Many students play in the rich family, is no exception GeTian, in order to let her home in Beijing to study for light of heart from care for her career, Princess material security, daughter is really going to eutrophication. As for plastic surgery, 18 years old now, Ge days of the year before the baby fat is indeed a lot better, it should be a factor of age. Looks is like that, because of the light angle or the photographer photo repair piece, there is not the same, so to see the changes in recent years life, not more than photos. Take photos of you 8 years ago and now you photograph, I said you have to let you explain. As for her divorce, I do not want to say, you can say it again. The relationship between men and women mode the brother, if you know the Sports Bureau, they stay together morning and night for many years, more accurate evaluation, but they are not willing to say publicly, I had to oh. With deeper, exposing more transparent, more unspeakable secrets, all in the "Phoenix gossip" (micro signal: entifengvip), add free reading.相关的主题文章: