Lol SKT playing wild bengi thanks to faker let me lie win four years – Sina hero League area tamiflu

LOL SKT Bengi playing field: thanks to Faker let me lie to win four years – Sina SK Telecom hero alliance zone T1 team in the S6 finals with a score of 3:2 successfully defeated the SSG team after third times stood on the top of the global finals third podium! SKT  T1 team successfully created a history of SKT  T1 team after returning home, received the highest recognition of the whole nation. SKT  in Korea E-sports official conference; T1 team to the media described this historic victory is to create, and they also put the next schedule to do a simple explanation to the media. Here are some of their responses to the press conference. Bengi clearly do not want to become a coach in retirement: "you may think that I will become a coach after retiring, I have no idea, I want to retire to a new life and work, do not want to appear in the arena of occupation. As a coach, you have all kinds of pressure, and most of the pressure comes from training and competition. I want to find fun in the game after retirement, do not want the pressure. I don’t want this kind of life, I will play games, but I don’t want the game to bring me pressure, I hope the game can give me more fun. I hope I can have a happy life after retirement." Kkoma on the SSG team can reach the global finals and among the final published evaluation: "they overcame many difficulties into the global finals stage, and after playing numerous difficulties and dangers to the finals, all this is not easy, they they have overcome unimaginable difficulties, and we are in the final game and they played their own level, with full of toughness, and they almost put us down. In the final victory over the SSG team won the championship, we are very pleased that the SSG team is a worthy opponent. Expect them to do well in the next game." For the audience to Faker from another title Demon King, Faker said: "I call the audience all my nicknames are very like, I feel this title is very cool." The media asked: "what is the difference between winning the game this year and what is it?" Bengi: "when we won last year’s World Championship finals, all the matches were rolled over and the game was very easy. After the start of the League S6, although we won the title of the spring, but did not win the summer championship. I found this LCK division all teams are very strong. But in other areas of the world league team is also on the rise, we all throughout the race this year, no one is swept the series. I think this year’s world finals gold content is very high, we can win the title can say good luck. Of course, through the finals of the world, we have become more powerful. Hopefully we can play better after the game.".相关的主题文章: