Looking for the world’s most powerful algorithm to install app through the phone, pick you from two aptana studio

Looking for the world’s strongest algorithm! Through the mobile phone installed App, pick your Sohu technology if you go in the cafe outside from two hundred thousand people, the waiter knew you every Wednesday at 8:15 in the morning will come here on time, and ready ahead of you most love the Macchiato, this must feel good. This paragraph is written in the world’s leading predictive modeling and analysis platform kaggle Talking Data global algorithm contest page. The Kaggle platform now has more than 600 thousand registered users, from 194 countries in the world, with all walks of life background, because the Kaggle platform system science and open attitude, has become a lot of important data support platform for the science competition. Currently, the Kaggle algorithm crowdsourcing platform held a total of more than 1200 games, most of the game from the industry, providing a lot of data science solutions. From another point of view, this platform is similar to a martial arts arena standings, there are some people will take this war fame. In 2012, American Pharmaceutical Company Merck (Merck) released in Kaggle on a 60 day challenge, the contestants by predicting their biological activity data of 15 kinds of drugs, such as drug targets and non expected targets (off-target) etc.. As a result, a team of 5 people from University of Toronto, Canada, gggg won the first. If the direct introduction of the team, you may have to double the stinkeye — who is this? However, the people behind them are not a small background. I believe a lot of people engaged in data science are not unfamiliar, he is Geoffrey hinton. Three Daniel Yann LeCun, Yoshua Bengio and Geoffrey in the depth of the field of learning the status of no one do not know, eat melon masses can look at, he long like this Hinton. Said so much, that is, kaggle cattle X, refused to participate in a race to try. In kaggle this arrogant platform, China third party mobile data platform TalkingData and machine learning company Turi jointly organized a global competition algorithm. The game begins in July 11th and ends in September 5th. Responsible for the contest directly according to the TalkingData data science department scientists Lu Yao told Lei Feng network (search for "Lei Feng" number of public concern) information, originally in the domestic seems a sloppy algorithm contest is not normal, should be a what news, but the final match after account row, actually there are 1689 teams participated, include 1961 players, a total of 24000 multiple submissions. Moreover, Lu Yao also inventory of the game on a number of interesting things, in front of everyone’s interest, to talk about what kind of game. Niu! Feeling no longer love the challenge of this contest is…相关的主题文章: