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Arts-and-Entertainment The next season premier of LOST will probably be one of the most watched episodes ever in television history. LOST has carved a niche for itself and boasts of high levels of adrenaline and suspense. And now more than ever, the show is poised precariously and is all set to make a hell of an opening as the air date for the next season’s premier approaches. For all you LOST freaks out there, you probably know what I am talking about. Almost every episode throws in a new mystery into the mystery pool. In fact, at times it be.es an ordeal to simply attempt to remember what actually goes on. To add to the suspense, each of the mysteries is totally unrelated and are pretty disconnected. It is pretty hard to correlate with the past and the present and this has put LOST right on top of my to-watch list. So let’s get going about what the best mysteries of LOST are. The first place obviously goes to the island. Obviously, none of us have even the slightest idea where the island has been ‘moved’. Has it been moved somewhere else? Or has it been moved in time? Or has it simply be.e invisible? Well, none of these questions have answers and hopefully, we should discover the answers to these questions pretty soon. There are also other things about the island. For example, the monster of the island, the mysterious polar bear and the numerous other sights and sounds of the island. These cannot be simply dismissed as petty sounds of a deserted island but should be treated as characteristics that do hold some significant value in the long and winding plot of LOST. Next, who exactly are the ‘others’? Where did they .e from. Were they there right from the beginning of the DHARMA initiative? How powerful are they? What are their motives? The history behind the ‘others’ has not been explained properly till date and hopefully the next season will shed some light on this. Thirdly, the DHARMA initiative throws up a lot of unanswered questions and seems to have a really pivotal role behind the happenings on the island and as far as the rumors go, there seem to be several other DHARMA stations around the world. This opens up a whole new approach to the history behind the island and the people inhabiting it. The next thing that has been troubling me is Jacob. Who the hell is Jacob? Or to be more precise, what the hell is Jacob? Is he a real guy? Is it the island personified in a living being? Is he a ghost? Well, this seems to be the most obscure and annoying mystery that the island has put forth. If I am not wrong, I think Jacob is probably involved with the time travel aspect of the island. Don’t ask me anything more. There are several other mysteries but these seem to be the most intriguing and exciting. Well, I guess the only thing to do is wait and watch! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: