Lou Yangsheng, vice governor of Shanxi Province, acting governor candy boy

Lou Yangsheng served as vice governor of Shanxi Province, acting governor Lou Yangsheng, vice governor of Shanxi Province, acting governor. The picture data according to Xinhua news agency, Shanxi Province, the twenty-eighth meeting of the Standing Committee decided in August 30th, Li Xiaopeng resigned due to job changes, the governor of Shanxi province duties request, had appointed as vice governor of Shanxi Province, acting governor of Shanxi province. Figures have face-to-face Q & a strict first job is to do the educated youth Lou Yangsheng was born in October 1959 the new appointment of cadres quality work experience, a native of Zhejiang County of Pujiang province. Like almost all young people and at that time, Lou Yangsheng’s first job was to the hometown of Pujiang County in seven commune educated youth do. In early March 1978, the resumption of college entrance examination, admitted to the Zhejiang normal college and University, majoring in mathematics learning. In early 1982, graduated from University, become a middle school teacher. Two years later, had been selected as the organization, the Communist Youth League of Zhejiang province Longyou county Party Secretary, which entered the career. So two years later, had successively served as Longyou county Party Secretary, Deputy Minister of Tashi county Party committee, county standing committee, the Propaganda Department minister. In early October 1989, Zhejiang raised the Communist Youth League Quzhou municipal League career open again, and do the Zhejiang Provincial Communist Youth League secretary in the next 10 years step by step. After November 1999, had left the league system, after Jinhua, Lishui and other places serving the party in power. Reporter according to publicly reported statistics, during his time at the Zhejiang Jinhua municipal Party committee secretary, Zhejiang provincial Party committee Comrade visits Jinhua for more than ten times, the content covers a wide range, including Jinhua economic planning, infrastructure construction, rural construction, tourism development and other aspects, in which the number of Jinhua experimental measures said clearly. Around the four province face inspection cadres in Shanxi at the beginning of 2009, Lou Yangsheng from the Minister of vice chairman of the CPPCC Zhejiang Province, the provincial united front positions outside out of province, transferred to Hainan provincial Party Standing Committee, minister, 3 years later transferred to Hubei provincial Party Standing Committee, ministers of the organization. In June 2014, Shanxi Province found a "systemic collapse mode corruption", had transferred to Shanxi. Lou Yangsheng was announced as the Shanxi provincial Party Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Standing Committee (enlarged) Lou Yangsheng said at the meeting, Shanxi, is a good place to work in Shanxi, feel very honored, certainly in the provincial leadership, actively carry out the work, according to the three three real strict requirements, honest man, clean general, strict demands on themselves. Deputy Secretary of the CPC Shanxi Provincial Committee, the main party in charge of the party building, political and legal work. In the official selection process in Shanxi after the collapse mode corruption, strict quality for the new appointment of cadres, Lou Yangsheng has held a forum to generate recommendation in Lvliang city and provincial units for face-to-face live Q & A, appointment of cadres of political quality and overall control, decision-making plan, solve problems and deal with complex situation. The ability to inspect. In the February 2, 2016 meeting of the Shanxi provincial Party work conference, had stressed that the party committees at all levels should create conditions for the overall good of political and legal work to provide protection. Party committees at all levels should be good at political and ideological.相关的主题文章: