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"Loyalty for male" borrowed $2000 to the murderer jailed for seven months Herald News (reporter correspondent Chen Jie Haifa Xuan) due to borrow $2000 to murder, he was sentenced to seven months for the crime of harboring. Yesterday, Haicang District Court issued a case of such a criminal case. Zhao, 28 years old, junior high school culture, work in Xiamen, who had been sentenced to court punishment for robbery crime. Last March 31st 21 PM, Zhang (handled separately) for lending disputes with Xiao Cai occurred in Haicang alley dispute. During the dispute, Zhang held a fruit knife stabbed Xiao Cai, Xiao Cai was sent to the hospital after the rescue died. After the incident, Zhang sought help from his friend Zhao through the phone. Zhang told Zhao explicitly: "I stabbed people."." Subsequently, Zhang borrowed money from zhao. While Zhao bold, he stabbed people in knowing that Zhang’s case is still "loyalty", to provide 2000 yuan to help Zhang escape. Last August 3rd, Zhao received the police telephone notification, take the initiative to the public security organs to investigate, truthfully confessed the facts of the crime. Recently, Haicang court verdict, Zhao identified crime and knowingly provide property to help them escape, his behavior constituted the crime of harboring. Because he has criminal record, he can be punished severely according to his discretion. So he was sentenced to seven months in prison at the trial. (Strait Herald (micro-blog)) >

“义气男”因借2000元给杀人犯 获刑七个月导报讯(记者 陈捷 通讯员 海法宣)因借2000元给杀人犯,他被判窝藏罪获刑七个月。昨日,海沧区法院发布了一起这样的刑案。赵某今年28岁,初中文化,在厦打工,曾因抢夺罪被外地法院判过刑。去年3月31日21时许,张某(另案处理)因借贷纠纷与小蔡在海沧一巷子内发生争执。争执当中,张某持水果刀捅伤小蔡,小蔡被送医院后抢救无效死亡。案发后,张某通过电话向好友赵某求助。张某明确告知赵某说:“我捅伤人了。”随后,张某向赵某借钱。而赵某胆子也大,他在明知张某捅伤人的情况下,仍然“讲义气”,提供人民币2000元帮助张某逃匿。去年8月3日,赵某接民警电话通知后,主动到公安机关接受调查,如实供述了犯罪事实。近日,海沧法院作出一审判决,认定赵某明知是犯罪的人而为其提供财物,帮助其逃匿,其行为已构成窝藏罪。由于他有犯罪前科,可酌情从重处罚。因此,一审判处他有期徒刑七个月。(海峡导报(微博))>相关的主题文章: