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The real reason — car — original title: luxury brand car favored luxury brand car favored the real cause of Audi A4L, BMW 3 series, Mercedes Benz C, Volvo S60L, Cadillac ATS-L, Infiniti Q50L. This is the ultra high-end car in the middle of the model. It is a luxury brand models of the world common wedge bridgehead. 22.07%, ultra high-end models accounted for the proportion of sales in the midsize car market. Even in the ordinary vehicle sales standard inspection, the bridgehead is too big. Super high-end models are popular, because they did not enter the market before the customer, in order to become a luxury brand of club members, will pay 400 thousand yuan more than the cost of money. These models will reduce the height of this threshold by 25. Thus, those who can come up with 250 thousand yuan to buy a car more than middle-income people have the opportunity to enjoy the luxury brand feast. Chart 1:2016 years of competition during the first half of the midsize car market of domestic passenger car of 7 categories, 25 grades, 51 interest oriented scientific subdivision, for each benefit oriented market customers crowd structure, customer interests expectations, market competition pattern, the competition focus value models were analyzed and discussed. Among them, the author makes the following discussion on the customer expectation of the super high end medium sized car. Customers of high – end medium – sized cars are expected to be among the middle – and upper income groups who are eager to be seen as a new member of the wealthy. For the infection, the more out of the future career development needs, they want to be powerful and wealthy as fellow. Therefore, there is a heart most deep longing for luxury brands. This longing is for the cause of half from escort needs, the other half demand from the identity and status of the subject show akira. From the point of view of career development, this is the two must meet the rigid demand. Luxury brand entry-level models to meet this crowd. In addition, they choose to support the luxury brand entry-level models have an important benefit: the entry-level model is a luxury brand in the world price prince, in performance configuration and the models of quality of luxury brand car prices in Fukuzawa, top distribution and common brand models. Taking Audi A4L as an example. The displacement of 1.8-2.0 TFSI engine, 7 CVT stepless speed wet dual clutch gearbox, Quattro AWD system, five link independent suspension trapezoidal link independent rear suspension, high configuration of electronic auxiliary system. In the car in the world, the Audi A4L performance configuration for other models can offer. In vehicle quality, interior configuration, driving comfort, and let people enjoy the luxury brand unique kind of dignified and comfortable feeling of perceived quality. At the same time, the price of the model, higher than the Volkswagen brand of high-grade cars only 5-8 yuan, showing a very moving price advantage. Ultra high end midsize car customers mainly from more than middle-income luxury brand fans crowd. When buying models, their core value orientation is: the pursuit of luxury brands of social respect, emphasizing the unique luxury brands相关的主题文章: