Mafia Wars Best Weapons – Do You Think You Got The Best Ones-tonya mitchell

Games A strong arsenal of weapons is essential when you’re playing Mafia Wars. In my opinion a strong arsenal is the key to success in this game. That, combined with a good strategy, a smart plan plus money is a very good recipe on how to win at mafia wars. To expand you need to attack and always improve so you get better. To be as sure as you can that you’re going to win an attack, you got to have the beast weapons available. That is pretty obvious to me. Luck is also a thing you have to consider of course, but you got to be really lucky to win an attack if you got much weaker weapons than your opponent, don’t you agree? It really is as simple as that. The best chance you have if you want to win, is to have the strongest, most powerfull weapons in your hands. We got two categories when we talk about the best weapons in Mafia Wars; defensive and offensive Here are a short top-5 list of Mafia Wars Best Weapons : Offensive, points in (parentheses) Black Widow (51) These are the best weapons in the game, but you alos have a few weapons who are really close to be as good as these listed above, but yet they are not as good. My suggestion is that you get a hold on these weapons in this top-5 list if you want to be in the group of the elite in Mafia Wars. I got them all and I really enjoy every second when I play cause I can almost do as I want now. People attack me all the time, but it really doesn’t matter with that kind of power I got… If you want to play with the Mafia Wars elite , may I strongly suggest that you get all of these weapons in the game? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: