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Marine pollution situation is grim western media: 200 kilograms per second plastic – its Sohu News Reference News Network August 28 daily Dawsey media said Greenpeace published a report in August 25th pointed out that the world every second more than 200 kilograms of plastic being dumped into the ocean, there are more than 8 million tons of plastic in the ocean every year cumulative. EFE reported on August 25th, the report pointed out that there are about 5 trillion to 50 trillion tons of plastic debris in the ocean. Although the number is not certain, but it is certain that this figure must be high, and this does not include the sediment deposited on the seabed and plastic debris on the beach. Although some waste can be degraded within 6 months, some may remain in the ocean for hundreds of years. In addition, the organization’s experts estimate that by 2020 the production rate of plastic waste will reach 9 times in 1980, the annual output will reach 50 million tons. Experts warn that half of the increase will occur in the last 10 years. Reported that these hundred percent of plastic waste caused by human activities in recent years has been in the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic and India ocean into 5 huge garbage island. The ocean 80% garbage from the ground, which has 15% of the garbage floating in the sea, 15% garbage below the surface smooth move, there are 70% deposited in the bottom of the sea, so people can see the trash is just the tip of the iceberg. Experts point out that Spain ranked highest in the list of countries with the highest consumption of plastics in Europe fifth. Every day up to 50 million plastic containers are put into the market as a beverage cup. Less than 20 million of these drinks are properly recycled, and the rest will be incinerated, or thrown directly into the environment. Reported that plastic waste degradation in the marine environment is slower than on land, but also may cause additional effects. Because these plastic containers will release toxic substances, does not belong to the normal cycle of marine nutrients. In order to arouse people’s attention to the above issues, Greenpeace will launch a two week campaign on the day of 27, when a group of volunteers will organize promotional activities across the country in spain. The event will also call on social networking users to participate in activities, and actively provide evidence to prove the existence of plastic waste in the living environment and photos. In addition, Greenpeace also called on relevant countries to take measures to solve the problem of improper handling and disposal of plastic waste in the marine and terrestrial environment. The group’s recommendations for governments include reducing the number of discarded plastic containers, and ensuring that they are properly recycled through the establishment of a recycling system; the use of micro plastic with a diameter of less than 5 mm is prohibited. The organization also suggested that consumers preferred to use containers made of recycled materials, use cloth bags and baskets instead of plastic bags, make sure you use cosmetics do not contain micro plastic, and try to avoid excessive packaging.相关的主题文章: