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Marketing-Direct Marketing Webinars with Automation Can Boost Registrations and Popularity Body: The goal of quality marketing webinars is to attract and engage many people in order to educate, inform and entertain. Building such a presentation can take a long time if you start from scratch. Using a professionally designed template can simplify the process by providing structure and formatting. All you have to do is include your unique content. If you are not reaching your registration goals for the marketing webinars you produce, templates can also help you promote successfully. They include user-friendly sign-up pages, hosting, email newsletter texts you can use and additional tools. All of these professional assets work together to help you build: -A presentation that is both informative and entertaining -Professional content that offers real value to the people who sign up -Plenty of opportunity to add your signature style and personality While there are many hosting services available online, most of the webinar platforms do not help you increase registrations. What you need is an excellent Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) that does both of those things and more. The only thing you need to worry about is producing the content. All of these things are taken care of by the right automation platform for marketing webinars: 1 Collect and track poll results. A webinar can include one or more polls with questions about interests or expectations. These responses can be collected with the persons email address and saved for you to use later for other marketing methods. 2 Collect and track answers to survey questions. More in-depth surveys can be attached to your marketing webinars in order to collect opinions and feedback from the people who take part. Contact information is also collected. This helps you separate the merely curious from truly qualified leads and potential customers. 3 Maintain an email list and automatically send follow-up contact. Engage more interested parties by following up your presentation with thank you emails that can advance the professional relationship. People who registered but did not attend can receive a different We missed you email. These emails can give insight into the prospects interest level. 4 Hosting of slides and video for future download. After the marketing webinar recitation is no longer live, you can still offer it for download to registrants or other interested parties. The MAP provides a landing page, slideshow and presentation recording. This extends the period of time each marketing webinar is effective. 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