Media once injured doctors can not decide to settle in Shanghai saliva – Sohu comments

Media: once hurt the doctor can settle in Shanghai cannot be decided slobber – Sohu have been detained on statements of a school or any other settled constraints, is a key whether in Shanghai miao. Review of the human security bureau can not succumb to the pressure of saliva, strict interpretation of its resistance settled. Recently, the city of Shanghai triggered a hot thing. Municipal People’s Insurance Bureau website publicity of the residence permit to account "bid list, one of them is a middle school teacher in Shanghai miao. People have pointed out, "Miao" is the last row Shanghai International Hospital, and the doctor will call "medical" nose fracture, so many people to boycott the Miao Shanghai hukou, in public torrents under Shanghai people’s Insurance Bureau said, will review the relevant circumstances. In fact, the Miao can be settled in Shanghai, may be less emotional exaggeration, go back to the origin and related institutional facts. According to "hold" Shanghai residence permit "bid for permanent residence in the city", "violation of state and the family planning policy behavior, above the public security management punishment illegal record" bad behavior and other aspects of the criminal record cannot be settled, that is to say, only to Miao before because the police had been detained by the security a doctor cannot transfer "in". However, a Mou was arrested? Even she is not "medical"? This can not be identified by saliva. Last September, a Shanghai international hospital incident, the first news is a doctor and the Shanghai local media, which said the doctor is Miao played urinary incontinence. At that time, the Shanghai Xuhui District public security official statement is: a female patient with a female doctor "altercation and lead to physical conflict, resulting in both sides were injured in the process, the doctor nasal bone fracture, and not a medical trouble is that bartholomew". Unfortunately, this pile of public events and finally became "unfinished news". The public cannot know, Bartholomew certain whether there are detained. Arguably, if Bartholomew certain intentional wounding, caused by the consequences of the fracture, enough to be detained, or even suspected of a crime, so she obviously can not apply for "home transfer". But it’s just a guess. The Miao should settle disputes are based on her "doctor", if she is not, discuss into deadlock. Some people say, "according to the violation of the state and the family planning policy behavior, above the public security management punishment illegal record" bad behavior criminal records and other aspects of the provisions shall be settled, the medical disputes can be set on the other "record of bad behavior". This is not appropriate under the Caidie "strict interpretation", "population transfer" system itself reflects the existing ice account policies, in order to achieve a fair and orderly flow of population. To apply for Shanghai this large city accounts, already meet held a residence permit for 7 years, 7 years, pay social security taxes, have intermediate professional titles and strict conditions, this is what they deserve, not charity. "In the transfer system there should be a fair execution, if a doctor because was detained by the security, the veto; if not, when only the common conflicts between doctors and patients, not because of too much publicity about)相关的主题文章: