Men die mistress husband 20 years also had a rape 6 years in prison – Sohu news-kimi wo omou melodi

The man during the die 20 years had a mistress of her husband for rape and sentenced to 6 years – the Sohu news Liu Minqing suspects were arrested. Qilu network point Qilu news September 8th, a secret romance, two increasingly accumulated deep hatred, three kills the wire, as long as 20 years of exile…… 8, the Ji’nan intermediate people’s court held a public hearing of the case of intentional homicide, the defendant Liu Minqing because of betrayal and fellow young woman Li Jinlian, her husband was beaten Wang Dabao, gourmets resentment, suspected wangdabao electrocuted, fled to Xinjiang, incognito for 20 years. Cause: with fellow wife eloped Xinjiang for half a year "below the defendant will be brought to court!" In October 8th, two in the afternoon, the Ji’nan intermediate people’s Court of the second court, with a rushing sound a little hair anklets, and grizzled old man stumbled into the court. When it comes to white haired old man, people often think of the word is kind, Enron, but it is difficult to use these words to describe the old man in front of. The old man called Liu Minqing, 64 years old this year, a village home in Shanghe County, suspected of killing fellow villagers Wang Dabao in 21 years ago, then buried away. This is the village folks, why take his life? All because of love and. According to the prosecution allegations, before the incident, the defendant Liu Minqing had with the victim’s wife, Li Jinlian, had an improper relationship between men and women in the past, the defendant had a relationship with the victim, the wife of the victim has been an improper relationship between men and women, the wife of the. In 1993, Liu Minqing even took Li Jinlian to elope once, two people went to Xinjiang, spent half a year. Six months later, the two returned to his hometown in Shanghe, each home. People are coming back, can not make a big thing, being a cuckold wangdabao did you take? The defendant Liu Minqing confession, Wang Dabao and his father, brother three people broke into the house, he will be beaten, "I was stunned, 7 days to get out of bed". Since then, the two beams as more deep. Liu Minqing said that Wang Dabao’s parents will Gesanchaiwu to his home to scold a, while Wang Dabao is holding a hunting pistol, "see him on the chase, said to kill me". The trick: "power by killing", to kill his mistress in a murderous husband grievances born quietly, finally broke out in April 5, 1995. This day, Mason Wang Dabao as usual, go to the village for the mother-in-law of a village to build a house, if no accident, he will be at 8 pm or so back home, eat a hot meal for dinner. However, Liu Minqing, who had been ambushed in the alley, changed all this. "I don’t kill him, he will sooner or later be killed, in order to punish Wang Dabao, when electrician Liu Minqing move to a power by killing", prepared by the two wires, in another Village West gable on the wire, quietly waiting for the arrival of Wang Dabao. According to Liu Minqing’s confession, more than seven o’clock in the evening, Wang Dabao passing here, he used electric wire to the other side of the forehead, the other party was electricity in the ground, no movement. "Dead?" Liu Minqing is afraid of exposure, quickly put Wang Dabao’s body into a village near the idle courtyard, digging buried. According to the prosecution allegations, murder, Liu Minqing did not immediately escape, he’ll enjoy a sex. Based on相关的主题文章: