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Men’s excuse to help find a job has been a fraud 230 thousand relatives of the original title: Men’s excuse to help find a job related to the crime of fraud, the contract signed the contract is not the following 230 thousand, I’m sorry, this labor contract is false. Suggest you still call it!" Shandong Province, Feixian County guy Zhao happily took the labor contract to Feixian County power supply company office, the staff said like a pot of cold water, so he was shocked. Since April 2015, Kang Zhigang, a distant relative to help Zhao arrangements for the work, fraud has been more than 23 yuan in cash. Recently, Feixian County Procuratorate on suspicion of fraud approved the arrest of the suspect Kang Zhigang. Want to give the child to find a good job Zhao family, is a step by step into the trap? A year ago, after graduating from secondary school, Zhao unemployed at home, family person everywhere to help find work. One day, a QQ number to add Zhao as a friend, through chat, the other called Niu Feifei, in Feixian County power supply company to work, and this high wages, good welfare is to help arrange the work of Kang Zhigang. The other said Kang Zhigang is a distant relative of the Zhao family, Zhao family eagerly asked Kang Zhigang whether to help his son relationship work arrangements. Feixian County power company over there we have acquaintances, I have a way to let my cousin to go to work, 50 thousand dollars will be able to get." Kang Zhigang promises to tell the Zhao family. 50 thousand yuan will be able to buy a unit of the number of workers, Zhao family, this is a good thing. Zhao mother hurried to the bank to do a card, deposit 50 thousand yuan to Kang Zhigang hand. The whole family was grateful for the kind help. A few days later, Kang Zhigang to the power company leadership too little money as an excuse to ask for 30 thousand yuan Zhao; within a few days, and in the same statement to Zhao took 40 thousand yuan; and then to the power supply company director’s daughter buy a birthday gift for $6000. July 16, 2015, Kang Zhigang told Zhao mother to find a job has become a half, but Zhao’s education is a bit low, you need to apply for an undergraduate diploma. Zhao mother thought it has so far, can not break the line, then gave 20 thousand yuan. Soon, Kang Zhigang on the grounds of too little money to 70 thousand yuan. A year later, the job was not forthcoming, Zhao family heart began to suspect. March 8, 2016, once again to pay the cost of 12 thousand yuan for his son, Zhao mother received a cover with the Feixian County power supply company financial special chapter receipt. Not many days, and received a signed "Liu Qingming" receipt, and Liu Qingming is the director of the power company frequently mentioned by Kang Zhigang. In April 12th, Zhao finally got the Feixian County power supply company labor contract, see the contract marked "contract of Feixian County power supply company dedicated seal" one family, the heart of stone finally fell. The next few days, Zhao in accordance with the requirements of Kang Zhigang handled a bank card as a wage card, and in May received 6900 yuan of wages. Signed the contract also issued a salary, the job should be properly settled. However, the family left and so on, but can not wait for the official notice of work. A month later, Zhao received power supply company in Feixian County Kai相关的主题文章: