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Sales-Management Data Quality: While transferring to the cloud CRM model, most .panies forget to keep in mind the quality issues they might face in the data while entering it into the system. It can be entered either manually or migrated from various other applications like ERP, SCM etc. It is essential to have a tool in place which not only helps in migrating the data but also cleanses it of duplicates, errors and corruptions. MIDAS is a very cost effective tool that migrates as well as cleanses the data on your CRM cloud so you can save time in migration and have quality data at hand. Data Integration: Data integration is a challenge most .panies face when they use two or more applications at the same time and want to consolidate data in every application. Similar challenges are faced when they want to transfer or integrate data in some application like SAP with Salesforce cloud CRM. MIDAS acts as a bridge between these applications to transfer data to and fro and at the same time making sure the data is clean, updated, error free and .plete. It can integrate almost any application with Salesforce on cloud CRM. Data Synchronization: With the growing trend of cloud CRM deployment in .panies globally, it is important for them to synchronize it with their back office applications like ERPs for smooth information flow throughout the enterprise. While consolidating data in Cloud and back end applications, information gets lost and standardization of data through out the enterprise be.es difficult. Deploying MIDAS not only helps in standardizing data across your enterprise, but also helps in maintaining clean, .plete and error free data in your cloud application as well as in backend applications like ERP. You can have a single view of all the updated information in your customer master data like leads, potential customers, campaigns, current customers etc. It also helps you manage the information security, which means only required data / information can be accessible to each person respectively. The major value add it has to your .pany is that it addresses the growing demand for on cloud data integration to be managed by the non technical people in your .pany as well, like your sales and marketing teams. Data Warehousing: As much as we agree that cloud CRM like Salesforce is gaining wider acceptance bacause of its easy to use and dynamic features, cost effectiveness and value proposition, it is still desired by all of us to have a backup of all the data we migrate to the cloud for Business Intelligence, reporting and disaster management purposes. MIDAS helps in maintaining a backup of all the data that is migrated, integrated and synchronized on the cloud. This data is again cleansed of errors, redundancy, in.pleteness and ageing information. It is maintained on premise and replicated from your Salesforce cloud CRM. About the Author: Bodhtree founded in 1999, Bodhtree is one of the fastest growing IT consulting firms in the world. With a vision to provide cost effective data integration solutions to .panies across the world, we today have a successful customer base in the USA, APAC, Middle East and European regions. Article Published On: By: david grow – Intellectual Property has a vast domain and protects any form of work which is an invention or a creation of an individuals mind. Patents, trademarks and industrial designs are few of the other types of intellectual property. By: smartweb – Walters Management offers .munity management in San Diego. Walters Management provides the essential services to maintain, protect and enhance the value of your home and .munity. 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