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Middle school teacher: what the weariness of the board who falls on the head? Beijing – shortly before the "Chinese Youth Daily" education Roundtable edition published by the University Teachers "high school teacher Yu Ming please don’t say" easy on the University on the "" article, some criticism of current middle school teachers and parents in the university will be easier to mislead students, lead students into the University, no longer hard working, abandoned their studies. Then another university teacher Dan Jianhua "" easy on the University on the "blame" is a middle school teacher believes that "the University relaxed" influence on college students, but not so big. In college, there just for the sake of enjoy the phenomenon, "the reason is the management system of university evaluation is a problem". From a high school teacher’s point of view, the author believes that the teacher Yu’s article has attribution errors. There should be recognized that the teacher of middle school, some parents had to "easy on the University on the" language to teach students, but such teachings, occurred in N years ago. Today, teachers see more of their students after graduation, can not find a suitable job, dwelling at home and did not dare to go out the situation, will say "the university will be relaxed in this case? Even if the high school teacher said so, now the high school students are not living in the world of isolation, will believe this sentence? And the article of Mr. Dan Jianhua’s views, there is some truth, but on the problems existing in the university is the lack of a face, evade the crucial point too. At present, the middle school education must be reformed, the consensus has been reached, the voice of reform is also great, the slogan has been developed from the quality education to the core literacy. The ideal is full, the reality is still the backbone of the reform progress is slow, backward education idea, extensive management, strong examination atmosphere, popular. The recent hit TV series "farewell" vivid interpretation of such a fact: in the face of children and education, the whole society into a quandary, everyone seems to have an anxiety disorder. Just say "points, student life", the blink of an eye, has evolved into a fraction of parents, schools, social lifeblood. Education has become a high input, high risk industry. The students become live the most bitter, tired of the group, they lost on campus was filled with enthusiasm, the emotional weariness. When many students enter college, there is no strict supervision of teachers and parents, in a relaxed campus environment, lack of enterprising, backward become inevitable. Similarly, in terms of the University, in addition to what Dan Jianhua said, to reform the academic evaluation system, there are many aspects need to be improved. The university should look inward and downward and take responsibility for it. Many high school students in the university after the first semester of the winter vacation, visit a high school teacher. When the author and his colleagues asked about the campus life, many people are dissatisfied and disappointed. Such as some teachers continue to answer the phone in class, foreign business busy; some teacher put PPT, I do not know what month; some teachers are not careful preparation, the whole class incomprehensible; some teachers before painting some key, let you back; even some teachers)相关的主题文章: