Millet note 2 exposure 2K hyperboloid screen blessing, released in November – the Sohu of science an

Millet Note 2 exposure: 2K hyperboloid screen blessing, released in November – the Sohu of science and technology this week, millet released breath 5S and Plus two flagship new machine 5S. At present, these two products the actual market performance for the first press not to mention, the light from the network of public opinion, can use the "Rainbow Night" to describe. For now, it seems that many users of these two flagship is not very satisfied, but some users have moved to the eyes of millet has not yet released Note 2. The latest news shows that millet Note 2 will be officially released in November, and the overall level of millet and 5S will be higher than millet, millet will probably be positioned as super flagship, the price of 3000 yuan to start up to $5. And on the details of this new product, before ray technology (WeChat ID:leitech) exposure almost. First of all, due to the millet 5S series of double curved screen, then in accordance with previous rumors, hyperbolic screen is more likely to be placed on millet Note 2. This has been confirmed by micro-blog users, but even more surprising is that millet Note 2 screen resolution will be raised to 2K level, significantly beyond the existing flagship product specifications. Secondly, in accordance with the price positioning of this model, the other configuration should not be disappointed. Such as RAM, 6GB, Xiaolong 821 128GB ROM, dual camera, fingerprint recognition, 3D Touch, ultrasonic QC 3 fast charge, NFC, infrared should not one less, even two cameras will likely use ultra sensitive camera on better imaging effect, so the place is worth looking forward to very much. Finally, in the 5S series regret the lack of bright black ceramic body design, may be expected to reproduce the arena on millet Note 2, after all, this design is more millet in the face of the flagship style. Recently, insiders revealed that millet Note 2 or will be in the process of bringing the Note appearance of millet "exquisite feeling", want to value should be the That’s final. Yan card. It is worth mentioning that Meizu is in the second half to prepare at least three concerts, will bring three new machines for us, which includes a double curved surface screen + Samsung Exynos 8890 "big kill" super flagship Pro6 Plus, one is equipped with MediaTek Helio P20 and Pro 6S. A flagship low-end, the use of plastic body charm Blue New machine. It seems the second half of the mobile phone industry is still brilliant, worthy of consumers with bated breath. (cover: techinasia)相关的主题文章: