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The Ministry of Finance: the local government should open department staff wages and bonus payments – Sohu news cover news November 21 Beijing Xinhua recently, the Ministry of Finance issued "the local public budgets and operating rules", to promote the improvement of local government budget. The Ministry of Finance official said in an interview with reporters, the local government should refine the public sector spending matters, spending public funds, personnel expenses and other basic expenses, to the basic salary, bonuses and other economic nature of public fund accounts. The responsible person said that the current public local budgets has some prominent problems, the main performance is: there are still many public sector budget and final accounts of the department budget and final accounts; published in some of the content is not complete, some lack of refinement, some time to be improved, some open channels need to be further standardized. The new "Regulations", the government budget should be open to the society within 20 days in the approval of the people’s Congress or its Standing Committee, the department budget and final accounts shall be disclosed within 20 days of society in the financial department of the government approved. Local budget and final accounts open principle is: to open as the norm, not open as an exception, according to the law public accounts. In addition to involving state secrets, shall not be open, not open to the public matters, to ensure that the content is comprehensive, true and complete. "Rules" stressed that the local government budget and final accounts to facilitate social supervision, public content to make the public to find, understand, and supervision". The Ministry of Finance official said, in order to make the public understand local governments expenditure scale and structure, understand the government money come from, how to use, where to spend the final, "Regulations" of the local public budgets and content made clear. One is the place should be open to the general public budget, the government fund budget, the state capital budget, the social insurance fund budget of four of the budget; two is open four of the budget, the general public budget at least open income (including debt income) and expenditure (including expenditure balance and transfer expenditure), tax rebates and transfer in general, pay the debt limit and the balance of 6 statements. Government funds budget at least 4 statements of income, expenditure, transfer payments, special debt limits and balances. State owned capital operating budget, as well as the social insurance fund budget at least 2 statements of public revenue and expenditure. In the local public sector budget and final accounts, the regulations require detailed public sector spending matters, so that the public to understand the details. "The government funding arrangements, departments to the functional classification of public item level subjects, such as social security departments, should be open to spending on employment subsidies, minimum living security, poor relief personnel support nearly 20 level subjects. Departmental expenses of the personnel funds, public funds and other basic expenses, to the basic salary, bonuses and other economic nature classification fund accounts open, "three" funds by going abroad (border) costs, purchase of official vehicles, official vehicles running costs, fees for official reception fee disclosure, ensure transparency." In order to ensure that the public can understand, the regulations also require departments in the public budget and final accounts, but also to open the Department’s responsibilities, institutional settings, budget revenue and expenditure changes in the past, the agency operating expenses.相关的主题文章: