Mobile phone drop toilet pipe salvaged when the hand was stuck at the men’s toilet

Mobile phone drop toilet pipe salvaged when the hand was stuck Dayang Tianhe District men’s toilet toilet man, in order to pick up the mobile phone accidentally dropped, the arm was stuck in the sewer. Reporters yesterday from the Sixth Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University emergency department was informed that, with the help of fire officers and men, the man finally get away, but the arm has been bloodshot swelling. August 23rd 1 am, a 40 year old man who lives in the village of three cross road on the toilet with a mobile phone to pass the time, accidentally fall into the toilet pipe under the mobile phone, his face down for fishing. Who knows, after catching the phone, the arm was stuck. The family heard the cry for help, immediately tried to pour bath fluid into the mouth, in order to reduce the friction between the arm and the pipeline, but even so, the man also failed to pull out the arm. Worried about the long time will lead to lead to arm ischemia, anxious family immediately dialed 110, 119 and 120 to seek help. According to the first to the fire brigade, the man right arm of the 2/3 card in a squat toilet, because many attempts have failed to pull out, firefighters decided to use rescue tools to rescue the toilet bowl, and the man was rescued, when the man from the stuck already have 10 minutes. Then Zhongshan hospital emergency surgery physician Zhang Di gave the man a detailed physical examination, found forearm congestion and swelling obviously, but fortunately, physical activity and finger feeling is normal. According to firefighters, fishing mobile phone led to the incident is not isolated card case. When the arm is extended into the toilet or urinal to retrieve items, usually along the flow direction, so the friction force is small, but when the back of the time, as against the current, but also make a fist shape, so the friction will increase a lot. Once into a long time, limb swelling, even at this time to give up his belongings, is also difficult to pull the arm. If the toilet water pressure in the pipeline will be less than the outside atmospheric pressure, but also not conducive to the arm pull out, but the stronger the struggle calder. Firefighters said the man’s family took the right time to deal with the first, did not use brute force to pull out the arm, but with the lubricant to reduce friction, reducing damage. More critical is that the family did not waste time, but as soon as possible for the police to help. Editor: Zheng Hanxing相关的主题文章: