Mobile phone fingerprint recognition of today’s computer also need it footman

Mobile phone fingerprint recognition of today’s computer also need it? Fingerprint unlock function in today’s mobile phone industry can be said that more and more popular, and even one thousand yuan of the following phones are equipped with fingerprint features. Have to say that the fingerprint unlock allows users to enter the password without the need to quickly unlock the phone, but others can not unlock. On the basis of unlocking the shortcut, to maximize the security of personal privacy. Do computers need fingerprints to unlock? So do we need to use the fingerprint to unlock the computer? Yes, the fingerprint is a unique feature of the human body, but also very complex, as the identity of the identification of accurate and reliable.   it’s hard to spy on your computer if you don’t have your fingerprints. Business achievements of the 5000 characteristics of DELL business notebook has lightweight and portable, but it increases the risk of loss or theft, the application of fingerprint identification system, can effectively prevent others from accessing data and network,   compared with the single password access system has a higher level of security authentication. Commercial computers are usually connected directly to the company’s service network, there is a fingerprint identification system protection, you protect your computer information at the same time, but also invisible to protect the safety of public networks. In addition, brush fingerprint access computer more convenient, fast scanning speed, can quickly enter the system, when you need to immediately reply message, check e-mail, or display PPT, you can omit the lost password step. DELL 5000 commercial notebook has a fingerprint recognition module enabled fingerprint recognition system can also avoid the embarrassment and forget the password for security troubles, people usually avoid various websites, computer, such as a bank card is set to the same password, but using different passwords instead of, in the course of time will inevitably occur but forgotten. Fingerprint identification system will always remember your fingerprint, let you feel the secrets.相关的主题文章: