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"Money machine" Taylor year suction gold 1 billion 100 million yuan, the 009 supermodel birthday party spicy eye – Sohu this is eye-opening [], a week of celebrity life inventory. "Forbes" singer TOP10 list released in 2016 revenue, Taylor Taylor Swift to $170 million at the top, is two times the annual income of second Adele; born 1995 supermodel "golden girl" Kendall Jenner last week after his 21 birthday, watching other people’s daily life, I feel I am not myself. people, birthday party but even Givenchy creative director Riccardo Tisci, Cindy Crawford went to the legendary supermodel; American pop diva Mariah Carey appeared in Toronto Saks Fifth Avenue sang two songs, on revenue of $1 million, the price of voice is not the same, the classic "All I Want For Christmas song" Christmas Is You "Ju song; hip" Kardashian three years ago because of a "fengrufeitun" photo popular INS, thereafter, celebrity circles in Europe and America people are always bored for drying buttocks… [Taylor is the original "money machine", the music industry in 2016 to become the highest income singer] this year, Taylor Swift and Tom · · hiddleston love frequently become the entertainment headlines, this affair although Taylor. Then, but the industry has reached the height of hitherto unknown. According to the United States in November 3rd "Forbes" magazine published the "2016 music singer Taylor, suck Bang" rely on "1989" tour sold and various endorsements became the biggest winner of this year, the total revenue of $170 million (about 1 billion 100 million yuan), called the "HKNPL small Master worthy of the name". 26 year old Taylor has now joined the line has been as long as 12 years. In 2006, she released her first solo album, mostly in her 15 years of high school. She shot to fame, has become a new generation of pop fans throughout the world. Last year’s "1989" world tour, she in North America, Europe and Asia and Oceania held a total of 85 matches, and a full set off a "hot taylor". It is worth mentioning that, small day after the network is also very wide. In Losangeles concert she invited "Friends" in Phoebe appeared on the same stage, a chorus of "smelly cat" play classical repertoire. People’s 21 years old! Supermodel · Kendall; Jenna is how birthday? Kardashian family can be described as entertainment headlines headlines super visitors". In November 3rd, her half sister Kendall · Jenna’s supermodel circles "first red net" ushered in his 21 birthday. Sister Jenna Keri · the first time to congratulate Kendall in Instagram, she expressed to Kendall worship in exclamation time when相关的主题文章: