More powerful than the government inspector 10 years of Turkey’s military coup 1 times

More powerful than the government inspector: 10 years of Turkey’s military coup 1 times more powerful than the government inspector: every 10 years 1 times the Turkey military coup in Phoenix settled since the media "Sasha" Author: Sasha some time ago, Turkey’s military suddenly launched an armed coup to overthrow the government, but no success. It is interesting that the international community is not surprised by the military coup. Why? Because of Turkey’s military known as the European top three, already has a long tradition of the coup! Strange enough, right? Listen to Sasha say. The predecessor of Turkey is ranked the African Eurasian superpower: the Osman empire! Until the industrial revolution, the European army had a fear of the heart of Turkey. After all, the Turks had two times to Austria, dominated the Mediterranean and had taken captive 10 thousand Crusaders (basically executed). Since modern times, the rule of the feudal Sultan, Turkey has become very weak. There are two countries in the world that was brilliant, fading into the weak, the sick man of Asia and East Asia is Chinese Turkey. The defeat after World War I, Turkey almost lost all the territories (Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yugoslavia, etc.), local also occupied a considerable part, almost subjugation. The famous Turkey officer Kemal formed a new political party and the army, defeated the Allied intervention forces. Then he began a large-scale reform, that is, the famous secular reform. Kemal is well aware of the western society, but also understand the reason why the great powers of the British and French powers who had been shaking in front of Turkey. Kemal believes that Turkey must carry out the reform of the Western model of modernization, in order to achieve the country’s prosperity. But now the main stumbling block is the feudal monarchy in Sultan, some of the backward areas and the traditional Islamic culture. With the help of an absolute loyal support force (Turkey Army), Kemal made a comprehensive reform. The abolition of the theocratic Sultan system and Khalifa system, the abolition of Islamic culture make snap backward, began to introduce western civilization. After Kemal’s death, Turkey gradually realized the Western parliamentary system and the political party system, the cultural aspect also had the very big change. Turkey is separated from the administrative education, that is, there is no relationship between politics and religion. Religion is a private belief and cannot interfere with national politics. In the Osman Empire, hundreds of years of theocracy (Khalifa system) and Wang Quan (Sultan) is to be made one, all Turks believe this is as unalterable principles. Kemal focus on secular culture, do not hesitate to abolish Arabia letters, cancel Islam as the state religion, the abolition of the sacred law of Sharia law (i.e. Islamic law), closed many independent religious schools and scholasticism. What is more, he forced all men must wear a hat, where Turkey hat will be punished according to law. For women, the government agencies and schools to wear hijab illegal. These policies have caused a great disturbance in the past, there has been a lot of desperate opposition, even armed confrontation. It turns out that Kemal is a success. Turkey is the only country in the world where there is no oil, with a per capita GDP of more than $10 thousand.相关的主题文章: