More than college students’ loans, not just the wrong campus

A number of college students "loans", not only the campus loan wrong original title: more than college students "loans", not just the wrong Author: Wu Longgui Campus – campus is loan problems, but it is not in itself should not be demonized great scourges. In the chaos of the campus loan, detailed management is on the one hand; on the other hand, it is urgent to enhance the financial education of College students. Recently, Hunan 18 college students found that the loan was more than 50 yuan, while the use of their personal information is the loan of Hunan University of Arts and Science students. In September 30th, Huang Shuai’s father found the school called the adult son, will bear the responsibility for their inability to repay him. Currently, Huang has gone to the field, promised to repay the debt by working. This is the ideal outcome is that Huang students through working to improve the financial situation, honor commitments. Of course, it may be another case, yellow classmates are gone, "lip-service promises", "loan" students either through litigation to resolve disputes, or eat yabakui. If it is the latter, no matter which side is not a good thing, especially Huang students, their personal credit will be written on the stain. In a society that pays more and more attention to personal credit, the price is not heavy. Because of the debt disputes caused by campus loans in recent years is quite common. Not long ago, female college campus loans hit "naked", Henan university students because of the campus loan was beaten to death, has triggered bursts of hot, all kinds of campus loans have surfaced. May be because the means of two cases with radical, boost, for a time, the campus loan such hatred, people cry. In view of this, in April this year, the Ministry of education and the China Banking Regulatory Commission have jointly issued "on the strengthening of the campus network lending adverse risk prevention and education work notice" requirements, increase the adverse network lending supervision, the establishment of the campus network lending bad daily monitoring mechanism. In August 24th, the China Banking Regulatory Commission on the "Interim Measures" business activity management information about network lending agency said at a news conference, "stop, shift, on the whole, the campus net loan to teach," five character principle. The multi campus management, loan does not seem to effectively curb the chaos. There are two reasons, first, the introduction of some of the current management initiatives are more principled and general, failed to hit the campus loan of seven inches". For example, the lack of a clear management of the main campus loan, but this still did not solve the problem; another example requires lending platform to strengthen the borrower qualification, also basically is a reminder of the lack of institutional constraints and specific measures. Two campus loan itself has a relatively strong market demand. People often see the extreme case, but as a result of the segmentation of financial products, campus loan to fill the gaps in the market, to cater to the students as a special consumer groups, not Nothing is right. The campus is loan problems, but it is not in itself should not be demonized great scourges. From a technical point of view, the main problem is that the campus loan lending lax audit, lending threshold is too low, resulting in a large number of non-performing loans and even malicious loans. This seems to be a loophole in the industry, in fact, it is the business strategy. The special group of college students.相关的主题文章: