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Finance This is the first of our series, Mortgage Broker Bonds: State By State. We decided to start with Pennsylvania, as it is our home state and also one of the most difficult states to get approved for. Below we will discuss the current bond market for this particular bond, the amount required, specifics of the bond guarantee (bond form), additional state requirements, and where you can obtain this difficult to place bond. Current Market: In general, the current surety bond market is quite conservative. The Pennsylvania mortgage broker bond is in its own league when it comes to difficulties in placing a bond. Our agency knows the surety bond industry almost inside and out, specifically mortgage broker bonds. To our knowledge, we are the only agency nationwide to offer the the Pennsylvania bond with no collateral required. Even more incredible, credit score is not an issue when it comes to approval. As long as the principal does not have a bankruptcy or tax lien in the past 7 years, unpaid collections, or a civil judgment placed against them (ever), they are approved. Bond Amount: The state requires a $100,000 bond, which is on the high end compared to most other states. The size of the bond also makes it difficult for the typical bond producer to approve the average client. (The bond is only required for brokers that collect funds prior to a loan closing.) Bond Form: The Pennsylvania mortgage broker bond form scares many bonding companies away from the bond. The bond form is quite different, even from a quick glance. One will quickly notice the bond form is 8 pages rather than the average 1-2. The form does have the standard cancellation and aggregate language required by most sureties, but there are other downfalls. The bond form gives the state a lot of control in the event of a claim, which scares away most bonding companies. Fortunately, we are appointed with a surety that realizes that mortgage broker bonds are somewhat of a lower risk in general, as they are not actually lending the funds. Additional State Requirements: Mortgage brokers that are going to process first mortgages must pay a licensing fee of $500 and a $200 renewal fee. Second mortgage broker licenses also require a $500 fee and requires a separate application with different requirements. Six hours of continuing education and training are needed each year. The broker must also submit national and Pennsylvania criminal record checks (including fingerprint cards). Similar to many bonding companies the state will also want to see a resume of previous work experience in the field. Proof that the company telephone lines are in the brokers name is also required. The broker has to keep their main place of business in Pennsylvania. Special Programs: We offer an exclusive Instant Approval Online Program for this particular bond. The application takes less than five minutes to complete and the quote is given to you immediately, online. You can access the program at: ..jwsuretybonds../mortgage_quote.htm The Pennsylvania mortgage broker bond is arguably one of the most difficult to place .mercial bonds out there. JW Surety Bonds writes more new mortgage broker bonds than any other agency nationwide. This allows us to place our applicant under a bulk program that benefits our clients greatly. Visit the Mortgage Broker Bond Section of the Surety Bond Forums if you have any questions regarding any of our services. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: