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The "good" flagship, blue color powder GalaxyS7edge – listed Sohu elegant science and technology news: November 15th November 16, 2016, Beijing Texun – Samsung Electronics in China officially released, coral blue Ying drilling powder version of the Galaxy S7 edge mobile phone. S7 edge currently has black, gold, platinum and Diamond Light titanium silver, snow white version on sale. Galaxy S7 edge coral blue Ying Galaxy S7 drilling powder edge classic flagship, Samsung released perfect coral blue and jade like stone drilling powder version of Galaxy S7 edge, provide more choices for consumers direction. The flagship S7 edge ingenuity process with new colors, to further enhance the level of product appearance, a quiet, a warm and pleasant. Galaxy S7 edge was released in February 21, 2016, is a member of the Samsung mobile Galaxy family. This mobile phone is designed by 3D glass and metal precision with the intelligent mobile phone in the first equipped with full pixel dual core camera; strong performance, with wireless fast charge, IP68 dust and water level, external storage and other functions, can also support the connection of Samsung smart ecosystem products. The appearance of outstanding performance Art beats nature. Samsung, Galaxy S7 edge officially released the fifth version, six colors: blue coral and jade like stone drilling powder. From November 16th onwards, two color version of the S7 edge will be available in the next line stores. Details of the sale will be released by mobile operators and Samsung Corp. The new blue coral and jade like stone cuttings color inspiration from nature gleams, they also give people a quiet and warm feeling. It is worth mentioning that Samsung’s mobile phone metal frame to increase the contrast of the golden tone, the combination of two colors showing a calm tone, reflecting the delicate features of the product. Galaxy S7 edge with hyperboloid screen design of human engineering, integrated the forefront of mobile technology, to enhance the user experience: for the first time in the intelligent mobile phone equipped with full pixel dual core camera, low light shooting stunning; put out the screen to remind function with daily life show ingenuity, Heart Portable users; IP68 dust and water level, any use of the scene safe; MicroSD storage expansion, easy to meet user demand for memory expansion. A perfect design, strive to bring the best experience. Coral blue and Ying new color version of the Galaxy S7 edge of the cuttings in November 16th will be the online stores under the full sale. At the same time, in addition to the new color outside, also has been provided in the sale of black diamond, platinum gold, titanium silver, light snow white in the online version of huge benefit activities. Login Samsung official online store, Jingdong Samsung official flagship store, Tmall Samsung official flagship store and other online channels to buy gifts, there will be multiple fun gifts! The most "outstanding" flagship, please pay attention! Samsung Electronics, the revolutionary innovation and incentive technology world]相关的主题文章: