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Mount Lu autumn, fire red, yellow like gold – also known as the "Mount Lu tourism Sohu kuanglu", located in the north of Jiangxi province of the Jiujiang Mount Lu area in the south of Jiujiang County, Xingzi County west. Famous for the odd show, insurance, male, mountains, rivers, and lakes known as "the largest fresh water lake in China all blend into one harmonious whole," in the world. In the autumn of Mount Lu, like walking into a red leaves in the world, green pines and cypresses authentic, very dazzlingly beautiful, like a colorful painting. Want to see the red leaves on Mount Lu must choose the time, mid October to early November at the Mount Lu is generally the best time of the red tour. Early to late to see the Mount Lu maple leaves too red. From ruqin lake to Lake in Mount Lu botanical garden, Lulin, maple leaves are flying in the wind, cenglinjinran, Manshan red, and to show people the beautiful and elegant Mount Lu leaves. Along the park road, you can see the flower diameter of ruqin lake, sun Lake glittering, looked at the lake of the maple leaf reflection in the clear lake, the lake is dotted with various types of residential villas, suddenly have a feeling of being a land of idyllic beauty. Lulin lake is far from the Huanglong Temple steps along the paths upstream about 20 minutes, then to Lu Lin bridge. A maple trunk road fire, towering tall and straight, the people’s Bank in the meantime have a super romantic feeling. Mount Lu botanical garden is located in the southeast of Mount Lu hanpokou Valley, is a Subtropical Mountainous botanical garden. It is the most attractive red leaves in autumn, only can see red and warm it, let us forget. Mount Lu sunrise season ticket prices (April 1st – November 31st): 180 yuan season (December 1st ~ March 31st): 135 yuan three springs: 64 yuan house villa Zhou Enlai Memorial room: 25 yuan Mount Lu conference site – the war memorial in Mount Lu: 50 yuan: 30 yuan old villa sightseeing car running line: 1, East: Yunguansuo, U.S. House, No. fifteen bridge, meeting site, Lu Lin Bridge (Museum), parking lot, Lu Lin mt.huandshan Ping Road, hanpokou, botanical garden, Wulaofeng, three springs. 2, West: Conference Center, street, surrounded by intersection, intersection, flower diameter and flower diameter, fairy cave, Tianchi, dam. Sightseeing car run fare: the fare is divided into 5 types: A, 65 yuan, effective within 24 hours; B, 80 yuan, effective within 72 hours; C, 95 yuan, effectively within a week; D, 150 yuan per person, valid for one month; E, 220 yuan, three within a month. Don’t stop, those people, those stories and all the beautiful accidentaly across on the way. Editor: Chen Xiaobei concerned about the encounter WeChat public account: search encounter encounter or micro signal: ixiehouyou (long press copy) QQ exchange group: 436476019 (Beijing group)相关的主题文章: