Mrs. Ziqi Zhao long live God Almighty lady drama synchronization (video)

"Mrs. Ziqi Zhao" long live drama of God Almighty Mrs. Mrs. _24 > > long live synchronization;; > click to enter the Tencent to watch video, "Mrs. Long live entertainment Tencent" starring Yan Ni, Xu Yajun, Ziqi Zhao drama "long live the wife" is Anhui TV, Tianjin TV station and double hit, with its high quality the plot lines and gain a lot of praise conform to no conventional pattern, especially Ziqi Zhao’s full-time wife Lan Shan, for understanding elegant, careful and thoughtful, to a lot of the audience left a deep impression. Play as Ziqi Zhao Lan Shan is a full-time wife, but her life did not stop the pace of the wonderful, illustration, art, yoga, baking swordsmen, more to family health for their organic fruits and vegetables, and before lunch, clothing to hand the audience imagination to Zhang mouth delicate rich too different. However, Ziqi Zhao’s intellectual virtuous not only stay in the life she is DIY small expert, not only love the flower, more days before micro-blog drying out their own baking cake photos, and his friend Ziqi Zhao said: "although already tired paralyzed in bed, but second days will still continue go, because this is something you love, will continue to complete. Acting is the same, no matter what difficulties encountered, as long as still standing in front of the camera, we will find a way to solve. Director Shen Yan said, when asked Ziqi Zhao to play the role of Lan Shan, and not just because of her life status and role is more like, because Ziqi Zhao is a very strong plasticity of the actor, but also willing to accept the challenge, to the role of the understanding ability is extremely strong, with generous character also greatly reduce the cost of communication. "Ziqi Zhao and Mrs. Long live" in people with the consideration was very comprehensive, leaf mother birthday cake she made to send blessings, with their own understanding to rival Chu Shengnan (Xi Zi ornaments) into their good friends, the request is responsive bestie. In fact, she was easy-going personality straightforward to make many friends. Micro-blog from time to time to send a few good friends with their own travel photos. For his daughter’s little growth, Ziqi Zhao also choose to record one by one lens. Ziqi Zhao said: "people who love life, will have the ability to love work and other things that can make you happy." Ziqi Zhao superb acting again with his true personality charm and circle powder countless, many users a message: "Ziqi Zhao is one of the few clean entertainment, real and intimate, love life", the audience is more sensational said: "you have to play, we always watch!".相关的主题文章: