My Liu Bei’s! Analysis of the 37 cavalry charge camp

My Liu Bei’s! 37 "cavalry charge" camp forces analysis recently to strategy and play good three themes SLG Webpage Game 37 "cavalry charge", because of its excellent camp gameplay design and social interaction experience widely sought after, but was jokingly called "the game player of the year Webpage Game tearproof". What is the charm of the game? Xiao Bian borrowed a number, today let me when a war reporter, went deep into the battlefield to find out for everyone. 37 "cavalry charge" official website: Hello, welcome to the "small tape you three of the war" autumn tour, now we are living in the world, is the game channel. Through the map of the world, we can easily be "national" as many as 120 City panoramic view. Through the city on the banner of Wei, Shu and Wu three camps at a glance, and the range is still in the state of Wei Shu, occupation of the north, Wu Ju divided east, the only difference is that the Shu, how so big? 37 "cavalry charge" camp forces analysis of this map in front of, be covered area includes the fog of war, orange Shu accounted for more than half of the land, and great eastward expansion, the two rolling force, Liu Huangshu, you’re eating it how to become such a powerful fertilizer,? The Shu capital — 37 "cavalry charge" camp in Chengdu after a simple analysis of the forces of aggressive exploration, Xiao Bian understand it. In the 37 "cavalry charge", Wei, Shu and Wu camp just code, in order to give the game player to provide maximum freedom and fun, the game does not set the initial strength of the camp, but in the game player selected after camp, take the "Stocking" policy, that is to say, the same server which camp, the game player strength is stronger, the camp will occupy more territory and resources. 37 "cavalry charge" camp forces analysis uncle so strong, of course, mixed with uncle. As I wandered aimlessly on the map, a glow of the town attracted my attention, it is Wei Wu the two countries together, and Shu are decisive battle, as a patriotic youth, uncle hard can stand? So, I joined the battle without demur. Analysis of the 37 "cavalry charge" camp forces in the game, game player can through the world channel in the upper right corner of the small map to find the city of war. The game uses multi unit real-time battle mode, every battle game player up to battle 5 generals, the generals sent each battle can combat troops. Each generals belonging to different units, can do wonders for various characteristics of terrain, so before the fighting began, game player can choose corresponding battle generals according to topographical features, play extreme tactics in battle. 37 "cavalry charge" camp power analysis came in, the two sides have already got off, Wei Wu Lian soldiers more numbers, the wall durability has only about half, no, I have to hurry to, I need! However, when I put the troops into battle, I was ignorant said: I saw my troops dispatched from the Allied shuaiqi, then all rushed to the Shu army altogether…… I just wake up,.相关的主题文章: