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My mother flowers busy and bestie a 3 year old son did not turn the network September 27th hearing (Haidu reporter Wu Zhen correspondent Gaishan heald) mother and bestie pictures, 3 year old boy ran. Fortunately, the boy met a good policeman, the police holding him in Fuzhou Huahai park to find his family for an hour. Finally, the boy mother alarm, the boy finally see careless mother. At 10 a.m. yesterday, a police boy was about 3 years old when he was patrolling the Huahai park. When the police found him, the boy was crying in the flower park bus stop, because the child was young, the police can not learn his parents related information from his mouth. The child may be judged with the family to the park to see the flowers of sunflower lost, holding the children to the park for children at the same time, the information reported to the police station. For an hour, the police hugged the boy and ate lunch near the park. 11:30, the police received a warning that his son lost in the Huahai Park, the situation is very consistent with the boy. Alarm person surnamed Zhang, 29 years old this year. After verification, the police identified the boy is Ms. Zhang’s son. Ms. Zhang told the police, his morning and bestie with children to the park to see flowers sunflowers, during which she and bestie are taking pictures, ignore the children, when she turned, the child had disappeared. At the police station to see his son, Ms. Zhang said repeatedly that "baby mama was wrong, I’m sorry you mom". Police remind, Huahai park every season many tourists, and the surrounding traffic is complex, traffic is heavy, the parents take their children to the flowers, we must pay attention to take good care of their children, in order to avoid the lost situation. (the net) video: the mobilization of the whole city | looking for lost parents Beijing West Railway Station mobilization of the whole city to find the lost child parents > | Beijing West Railway Station;

妈妈花海中忙着和闺蜜自拍 一转身3岁儿子没了海峡网9月27日讯(海都记者 吴臻 通讯员 盖山综)妈妈和闺蜜拍照,3岁男童跑了。还好男童遇到好心的民警,民警抱着他在福州花海公园找家人找了一个小时。最后男童妈妈报警,男童才终于见到粗心的妈妈。昨日上午10时,盖山派出所社区民警在花海公园巡逻时,发现一名约3岁的走失男童。民警发现他时,男童正靠在花海公园公交站里哭,由于孩子年幼,民警无法从他口中得知其父母相关信息。民警判断孩子可能是随家人到花海公园看向日葵时走失的,便抱着孩子到公园内寻找,同时将孩子信息通报到派出所里。找了一个小时未果,民警抱着男童到公园附近吃午饭。中午11时30分,民警接到报警称其儿子在花海公园走失,情况跟男童十分吻合。报警人姓张,今年29岁。经过核实,民警确定该男童就是张女士的儿子。张女士告诉民警,自己上午和闺蜜们带着孩子来花海公园看向日葵,其间她和闺蜜们拍照,忽略了孩子,当她回过头来,孩子已经不见了。在派出所见到儿子,张女士连声说“宝贝妈妈错了,妈妈对不起你”。警方提醒,花海公园每到花季游客众多,且周边路况较为复杂,车流量大,家长带小孩到此处赏花时,一定要注意看管好自己的小孩,以免出现走失的情况。(海峡网)相关视频:全城总动员|寻找北京西站走失孩子家长 全城总动员|寻找北京西站走失孩子家长 >相关的主题文章: