My world is too quiet, quiet can hear the sound of their own heartbeat. 9c8950

My world is too quiet, quiet can hear the sound of their own heartbeat. Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: interesting bar 01. "One is the Qing Yi Yi] Xu Zhimo said: my world is too quiet, quiet can hear the voice of their own heart. Ventricular atrial blood flow back slowly, so the cycle. Smart people, love the heart, may guess the hearts of others, but also lost her. Stupid people, love to the heart, may be cheated, but others may not be able to get. Do you think I am invulnerability, I thought you impenetrable. There will be a day, every city will be distant and unfamiliar, each person will be like a city like the face is not clear. And I hope that one day I can stand on the north pole, so, no matter which side, are spring. Sanmao said: in my life, to be a sincere person, do not give up the love of life and dedication, in the limited time and space in the infinite days. In October, Su Yan practice, can only face. I told myself that one day we will let the scars grow a flower, a flower standing proudly in the sun flower. Maybe then we can see the full light, maybe one day we will understand the true value of life. Any person, I will go to a margin, no, nothing to say. Friendship or love will not have the best friends or lovers, only the most suitable. Different itinerary, along with playful way, if you want to pursue, in a precise scale, if there is no tender. All the associations, all the years, a few steps back, can not afford to go. But after the other party says, "I’ll forget you," I kept my promise. So, Su Li to the past, the micro, only saying: Hello, hope that you are well. Fall in love with 02. [left] Nie Er II is Gigi Leung married, she worked for Ekin Cheng to learn to play computer games all night, just a once only; Sheenah married, she regarded Liu Ye as life, Liu Ye’s first marriage; Rene Liu married, she and Chen Kuo-Fu for 21 years, but now can not afford to marry Patty Hou only; Jay Chou, she is the only recognized love, only love can not give up freedom and stability; Fish Leong married Martha, not the shadow of her wedding, hoping it will eventually become desperate; Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung, Chen Yao and Ling Xiao Su, Hailu Qin and Li Houlin, Xun Zhou and Li Daqi, Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung Gong Li and Zhang Yimou. So much love in the time before a spread, all lose its color and tenderness. You let go of each other, let go of their own, but time will not let you go. Inadvertently, in a friend’s space to see such a sentence: we just did not together. At that time, some touch. In this swamp situation, oneself also hesitate to fling caution to the winds to later, and became the students in life and death. People are so, people who love us, we always disdain; we love people, they can’t take our eyes, so it is that the four words: patient. Every memory has a password. Time, character,相关的主题文章: