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Network transmission into the mobile phone scam come true woman pocket is correct 800 yuan original title: mobile phone plug in your pocket and correct your money, network scam thief come true? Photo information (no direct association with the Internet) has spread such a liar trick: to your body on the mobile phone, and then falsely accuse you for "compensation for theft". In this regard, the Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Bureau network security corps official micro-blog @ Jiangsu police network has released micro-blog said that this means of committing the crime theoretically feasible. Modern Express reporter learned from the Nanjing Qinhuai police recently, someone really encountered a similar incident, a girl for the sake of peace, paid 800 yuan. The body of the mobile phone, was forced to leave money until may encounter a liar, 26 year old Miss Fang went to the police, still haunt. October 20th, the Nanjing public Miss Fang took to the streets to play alone by bus. When she got out of the garden, she got out of the car, and felt that her coat pocket was as heavy as it was. Miss Fang put his hand in his pocket, pulled out a Samsung mobile phone actually. She immediately silly eye, thought his cell phone was changed, but after checking found his cell phone is still lying in the bag. Who is without any cause or reason "sent" to a mobile phone? Miss Fang is at a loss, a middle-aged man came from behind her, that Miss Fang is a thief, let her mobile phone. Men’s cries attracted passers-by onlookers. Miss Fang felt wronged, wronged flushed red rose, stutteringly explained to him. However, the man did not listen to her explanation, and let onlookers judge. The man said that he found in the bus on their mobile phone disappeared, a passenger told the man, Miss Fang is stolen, so he hurried to catch off catch "the stolen goods and was". The man in order to prove that he is the owner, but also open the mobile phone in the photo, the photo on the screen is he. At this time, passers-by began to miss the other point, a middle-aged man is her to go to the police station at. A listen to the police station, Miss Fang is that he can not say clearly, and think of the time to let the family, relatives and friends know that the face. At this time, the crowd of passers-by to Miss Fang weapon, let the man and private, lose money trouble. Later, Miss Fang in disorderly fashion to the other $800 to get it. The woman then alarm, whether fraud is still under investigation afterwards, Miss Fang feel cheated, then to the police station Nanjing yueyahu. Police analysis, if Miss Fang did not lie, then it is possible to encounter a liar. Suspects may deliberately put the phone to Miss Fang, and then claim". The so-called onlookers passers-by, the suspect may be accomplices. In fact, the experience of Miss Fang had circulated on the internet." Police, some netizens described the scam steps about is this: when you get on the bus, there are at least 3 swindlers inadvertently gathered around you, when you’re not paying attention, their mobile phone in your pocket or backpack. After that, the liar will suddenly say his cell phone is gone, and then call his cell phone partner. No suspense, his cell phone in your pocket相关的主题文章: