New York residents said the explosion the deafening sound of hundreds of people fled in panic (video seaway

New York residents said the explosion: the deafening sound of hundreds of people fled to the United States of New York Manhattan road explosion scene is a mess of Beijing in September 18, according to foreign media reports, the United States said the New York fire department, the evening of 17 local time, a trash Chelsea community in New York District of Manhattan, suspected of being on the explosive devices, the explosion caused 26 people minor injuries. After the incident, emergency personnel rushed to the bustling area. It is reported that New York police and firefighters have rushed to the scene and investigate the cause of the explosion. The explosion occurred in a busy street in Chelsea. Media quoted the New York police said the explosion was caused by an explosion in the trash thrown into the device, resulting in 26 people suffered minor injuries, but no life-threatening. In addition, a car near the window was broken. The explosion occurred in the evening of 17 about 8:30, a neighbor called the deafening explosion". Hundreds of people in the street fled after the explosion, the police have cordoned off the area. There are people at the time of the explosion occurred, said the explosion sound great, shock the eardrum pain. My 10 year old son was sitting in the back of the room. The explosion blew the windows out." There are residents in the community to hear a huge explosion in the home, the blast waves caused huge shaking, and smell the smoke. New York police issued a notice to remind motorists may have traffic jams in the explosion area, and suggested that the public to avoid the area. The police are also checking the other bins in the area in case there is a bomb.相关的主题文章: