Nicole Miller

Attraction For me, the most memorable event for me so far was a wedding that I organized about five years ago. What made this wedding very unique and spectacular was the fact that virtually all the accessories used by the bride on that day were products of Nicole Miller. This included the wedding gown and all the cosmetics used. It was all so obvious that the wedding was branded Nicole Miller wedding by friends and admirers alike. And it was a very memorable wedding at that. Most people at the wedding really wondered what could be the idea behind the Nicole Miller wedding. Even though I designed the wedding plans, I actually did not get the idea behind the all-Nicole Miller stuff until I asked the groom, Henry. It was Henry that made me realise the fact Angelina (the bride) was a dyed-in-the-wool fan of all the products of Nicole Miller. Right from her days in the high school, she would make sure that she purchased all and any type of Nicole Miller product that she could find in the market. With time however, this childhood fantasy with Nicole Miller products culminated in a very spectacular Nicole Miller wedding. The wedding caught everyone by surprise especially with the regal .bination of the costumes and the elegantly-made Nicole Miller cosmetics. All these really brought life to the wedding and gave it that inexplicable touch of magic. As the organizer of such a highly-successful wedding, I could not but beam with wide smiles. To cap it all, the bride and the groom were genuinely delighted and were so full of nice .plements for me as I contributed greatly to the success of the wedding. I can remember vividly that I was blushing with joy on that day. This is in addition to the fact that I made quite a number of new clients on that day. Never in my entire years of organizing weddings have I made so many customers in 24 hours! After the wedding which was done five years ago, I have been besieged in my bridal accessories centre by hundreds of prospective couples and even married couples who want to celebrate their wedding anniversaries in a royal and grand style. To the best of my ability and deploying all the resources within my reach, I have tried to put smiles on the faces of each and every one of my clients. This is very important in this business because when someone is placing so much confidence, hope and trust in you to organise and co-ordinate the most memorable day of his or her life, then you cannot afford to fumble. But seriously, organising a Nicole Miller wedding .plete with Nicole Miller products is not a joke! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: