Ningbo girl in Lishui, said the case of unfair treatment of traffic police zuczug

Ningbo, said the girl in Lishui traffic police unfair treatment of what is happening today, Lishui is creating a national civilized city, the degree of civilization on the road is a very important part of. In September 21st, a man claiming to be from Ningbo to Lishui to study at the University of the girl on the micro-blog @ Lishui public traffic police, said he suffered unfair treatment of traffic police. What the hell is going on? That was unfair treatment from the girl reporter saw micro-blog, she told himself and the other two students do not know the car battery can carry three people by the traffic police, traffic police also suffered verbal attacks, hope the city traffic police detachment to make a deal with someone’s officers. The reporter learned that the police Chen Yicheng was involved in the scene to deal with the incident at the scene of the police, we investigate the law enforcement recorder from the scene. Lishui city traffic police detachment Vientiane police squadron Chen Yicheng: "when we discovered this illegal act is carrying two people in the Zhongshan lighthouse intersection, a total of three individual car battery. But the parties did not listen to our discourage, has been down. When running to Zhongshan street, following the street intersection, we have the players for her to discourage, she did not listen. All the way to the foot of Meishan, the liberation of Zhongshan street intersection, was stopped by our players." It turned out that the girl riding a battery car is also equipped with others, was stopped by the traffic police fined 20 yuan. Because the girl has no money to pay the fine, and can not provide proof of identity. Chen said the police officer can only pull the car, then the girl anxious. However, this girl not only refused to pay a fine, and the police would turn a deaf ear to even say not guilty, such words. Police said they had in different intersection of these girls illegal driving behaviors were told, but a few girls turn a deaf ear to. Lishui city traffic police detachment Vientiane squadron of police Chen Yicheng: "through our work, many people have the same little girl and psychological punishment, I feel wronged. In fact, these small violations, often lead to major accidents. I hope the general public to comply with the law enforcement of our traffic police, and comply with the relevant laws and regulations, so that our road safety in Lishui more orderly and smooth." It is understood that the electric vehicle manned security risks, as of August this year, the city has a total of 65 non motor vehicle accidents, the death of 39 people, of which the electric car accident accounted for up to one of them, the death of 33 people.相关的主题文章: