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Weight-Loss The number of people world wide suffering from obesity and morbid obesity is growing alarmingly according to recent reports and statistics from the World Health Organization and other international bodies dealing with health issues. Such is the extent of the problem that countries once thought to be free are now seeing cases. There are, however, many people who will never suffer from this worrisome condition. These are the people who practice two of the most important rules for a healthy and trouble free life – eat a nutritious and well balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, and get plenty of regular exercise. A Well Balanced Diet – the first step to prevention The world-wide medical fraternity are of the unanimous opinion that the major cause of people being overweight and obese is because of the food they eat. Not only is this one of two factors leading to obesity, it may also be the primary cause of many other major health .plaints. A nutritious, healthy and well balanced meal should consist of either meat, chicken or fish all in moderate quantities and with as least fat content as possible. For vegetarians then a suitable meat substitute product is acceptable. Five portions of fresh vegetables, cooked or raw, and two portions or units of fresh fruit should be eaten daily. These are a must for maintaining good health. A glass of fruit juice or a drink made from fresh fruit can replace a portion of fruit. Other foods that should be included in the daily diet are whole grain bread; raw nuts; dried fruits such as sultanas, raisins, prunes, figs or dates are all positives. Also beneficial is a quantity of dairy products such as milk, cheese, and yoghurt. Keep cakes, pastries, cookies, and confectionary to an absolute minimum. The presence of trace elements and a range of necessary vitamins in fresh food should also be an important aspect of a healthy diet. Most processed foods are lacking in these essential .ponents. Foods to be avoided at all costs are all processed foods (high in salt and fats); fatty and high calorie foods; foods cooked by deep-frying; foods and drinks with excess quantities of sugar. Alcohol products should be consumed in moderation, whilst it’s re.mended that at least 6 glasses of water should be drunk every day. Exercise for Weight Loss – the second step to prevention Regular exercises are just as important and necessary as eating the correct food and are considered vital by the medical .munity not only for weight management but also for maintaining good general health. The general rule is to exercise for weight loss daily and regularly – either with a constant routine (such as a daily walk) or with a varied routine ( jogging one day, cycling the next, swimming the day after etc.) Light exercise should consist of a quick walk for about 45 minutes. A walk of this nature should use up about 250 calories and should be the minimum for a person who wants to lose weight. By carrying out these two .mon sense rules, diet and exercise every day, then a person should never have a problem of being overweight. Pill to Control Weight As a supplement to a responsible diet and regular exercises, there are natural pills on the market that claim to help people to reduce weight. Whilst most of these pills are of doubtful quality, a new pill has .e on the market that approaches weight control from an alternative perspective. What makes this pill different from other natural pills is that the basic ingredient has been proven under strict test conditions to reduce fat intake by 28%. As a result of this it has been approved as an effective weight loss program by the European Union and the UK. It also meets the guidelines set down by the US Food and Drug Administration. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: