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Office of the state: the case of major emergencies within 5 hours of the latest release of information – Sohu news Beijing on November 15th news, recently, the State Council issued the "on promoting open government work opinions" implementation rules "(hereinafter referred to as the" implementation rules "), to fully promote open government work to make specific arrangements. The "implementation rules" requires efforts to promote the decision-making, execution, management, service, the public will "open five" requirements to implement the procedures and procedures for meeting documents, dynamic expansion and regular review of disclosure. Various departments of the State Council shall, on the basis of the initiative, content, subject, time limit and method of the system of the Department, prepare and update the contents of the system. Select 100 counties (cities, districts) around the land use planning, demolition resettlement, environmental governance, poverty alleviation, employment, social security, etc. to carry out the standardization of government open standardized pilot. Detailed rules for the implementation of the requirements to strengthen policy interpretation. The State Council issued a major policy, the relevant departments of the State Council to interpret the authority, the main person in charge of the Department is the first interpretation of the people and responsible person". All localities and departments should be in accordance with the who draft, who read the principle, so that the policy documents and interpretation of the program, the interpretation of the material synchronization organization, simultaneous examination, deployment. Related to the vital interests of the masses, the impact of market expectations and other important policies, should be good at using the media, seeking truth from facts, targeted to carry out the policy interpretation, good communication to the government and the market, and society. Implementation rules require a positive response to concerns. According to the territorial management, levels of responsibility, who is in charge who is responsible for the principle, clear response responsibility, highlighting the key to collect public opinion, timely judged disposal, good government response to public opinion work. To reflect the actual difficulties and major problems of the masses, to solve the problem of investigation or investigation should be announced in a timely manner. The public opinion involves particularly significant, major emergencies, to rapid response, authoritative information released at the latest within 5 hours, held a press conference in 24 hours, sustained release of authoritative information, local government and relevant departments responsible person should take the lead in active voice. "Implementation rules" to strengthen the platform construction. Strengthen the construction and management of government websites, clear the government offices at all levels (room) is the first responsibility of the government website construction management. Open up the regional government website, strengthen the integration of resources and open sharing, enhance the cluster effect of the site, the formation of an integrated service network. Make full use of the news media platform to do a good job of government affairs, play a good role in the text of the government gazette. "Implementation rules" require the expansion of public participation. The departments of the State Council and the provincial governments shall, in the aspects of economic and social development planning, rules and regulations, major construction projects, etc., make the public more involved in policy formulation, implementation and supervision. An important decision involves significant public interests and public interests, unless it shall be kept confidential, shall solicit opinions through hearing, discussion, consultation, attendance and other ways to expand public participation. Explore the new model of public participation, and constantly expand the public opinion solicitation of government websites, Internet users and other interactive message handling, and actively use new media to build a new platform for public participation. "Implementation rules" require the strengthening group相关的主题文章: